shell knob: CREDIT CARD THEFT - 07/16/07 04:32 PM
I received a call Sunday afternoon from Amazon.Com's Anti Theft company.  A pleasant person identified herself and asked if I had used my credit card that day to buy $202.88 worth of groceries, at a store I've never heard of. It was not one in or near Shell Knob, where I live.
The question was a no-brainer.  The card has remained in a drawer, unused for at least a year.  She told me they had been alerted by the scammer giving an  erroneous expiration date.  My card was immediately canceled.
It's really great that they are able to be so quick … (4 comments)

shell knob: YIELD OR YIELD? - 07/16/07 04:57 AM
Just couldn't resist taking a picture of this bit of Ozark humor near Shell Knob.
Webster's Dictionary defines Yield as: to give up, to give place, relinquish, bear as a natural product, the amount or quantity produced.

So it's all in the eye of the beholder.  Perhaps this gardener was hoping to encourage the sweet corn to YIELD a large quantity of this delicious vegetable?   I didn't stop to ask how this large YIELD OF yield signs was acquired.

shell knob: SHELL KNOB FISHING REPORT JULY 6 - 07/13/07 03:54 AM
 The unusual continued rains have Table Rock Lake levels up around 917 (normal pool is 915).  The July temperatures have the water quite warm in the mid-80's.
The main body of the lake is clear.  The ends of creeks and rivers have good color, which results from the rain run-off.
Resident expert and  Shell Knob author, Tom Koob, reports bass fishing in summer patterns.  The most consistent pattern will be finesse fishing with drop-shot rigs or grubs on main lake gravel flats in 20-40 feet of water.
Good electronics are needed to graph fish on these areas and stay … (0 comments)

shell knob: GOOD READERS WANTED - 07/11/07 08:33 AM
People are  interesting.  No two are the same, but you had best have a liking for them if you go into sales, particularly Real Estate sales.  I enjoyed people as a REALTOR in Indianapolis, and still find I'm a People Person  now that I'm in Shell Knob, MO
One of the first qualities needed as an agent, is to be a good People Reader.   Very little carries more emotions tied to it than buying  a home.  As most people are aware, it is likely to be our biggest purchase, and as such, we carefully guard the dollars invested … (5 comments)

shell knob: DIY WARNING - 07/10/07 06:50 AM
Summertime and the living is easy? Good song, but it falls a little short of reality if you live on a lake.
The first nice weather after Memorial Day, you get out the lawn and deck furniture, opps........ what has happened to our beautiful deck? We can't put the umbrella table on that dirty faded wood! We've got company coming for the 4th. and Shell Knob's fireworks. What will they think?
We'll just get one of those pressure washers like they show on the tv commercials and take care of that drab looking wood in a flash. No … (6 comments)

shell knob: MUSINGS ON THE 4TH - 07/08/07 07:07 AM
The 4th falling mid-week on Wednesday this year, has thrown everybody off anything resembling a schedule.  I went around all week trying to remember what day it was.   However, it is now Sunday afternoon July 8th, and I can see  that the holiday week is ending. 
It was a busy week in Shell Knob with resorts and stores reaping the benefits of vacationers.  Rain the first part of the week postponed fireworks one night, but were just as beautiful the following night. 

When you live on a lake, you use the sounds of boats to tell you … (0 comments)

shell knob: WANT TO SELL YOUR HOUSE? - 07/07/07 10:13 AM
First impressions can be crucial.  We all know that, and try to imprint it on our children when they ask about tats and nose rings. 
What is the first thing people see when they  come up to your house?  What will their first impression be?Will they be impressed with perhaps the steps leading up to the front porch, or will it be the door itself?  What is there about the front of your house that draws a prospective buyer to want more?As a REALTOR in Shell Knob, I've had clients who did not want to make an appointment … (11 comments)

shell knob: GOOD FISHIN - 07/06/07 04:18 PM
It was a good week for fishing in the Ozarks.  Shell Knob's weekly paper, The Rattler, had pictures in it this week of two happy gentlemen.  Both had big smiles as they proudly showed off their catch of the day.
The first angler was a Dr. Tullis and he had caught a 17-1/2 inch smallmouth bass, which weighed in at about three pounds.  He caught it on a pumpkin color, Lucky Strike tube bait.  It was a real beauty and bass fishing draws many to check out Table Rock Lake.
The second prize this week was caught at the Roaring … (1 comments)

shell knob: WANTED: "GOT TO " BUYERS - 07/05/07 09:30 AM
I just closed my first sale from my Activerain Blog yesterday.  It is a very good feeling.  Thank you AR for being here and giving me this opportunity.  Now, if I can only turn the other 10 or 15 leads you have sent my way into active buyers...... and that's the real topic here.  In my resort, vacation, retirement market of Shell Knob, MO there are very few REALLY motivated buyers.
What are  the typical  motivations to buy or sell a house? Family getting bigger. Family growing smaller - empty nest. Lost job, Health concerns. Income growing - need 2nd … (4 comments)

shell knob: JUMBO CATFISH - 07/04/07 09:33 AM
I guess everyone's got their favorite fishing hole,and my eyes lit up when I saw a picture in our local weekly newspaper of a young man holding two twenty pound flatheads!  Then a second picture  - it took two hands for this one - with a 26 pound catfish.
They said he caught them near the Hickory Hollow Resort in Shell Knob and he used goldfish and perch as his bait.
I fondly remember the night I took one of my grown sons out to my favorite cat fishing spot to introduce him to some night fishing.  We had no sooner … (0 comments)

shell knob: JUNE MARKET REPORT - 07/03/07 06:13 AM
 Shell Knob continues to have a stagnant market.  Only two new single family homes were listed  in June, plus 13 new listings for lots and land.
Shell Knob is part of the Tri Lakes Real Estate Board.  At the present time, it is not possible to get the numbers precisely for Shell Knob without including areas such as Branson, Kimberling City, and Reeds Spring.  They are all included in the totals. 
Difficulty in getting statistics for Shell Knob is  compounded by it having residents in two counties - Barry and Stone.
In June 2007, the Tri Lakes … (0 comments)

shell knob: BRAGGIN' RIGHTS - 07/03/07 04:17 AM

Table Rock Lake has a lot to be proud of, and I'm always telling newcomers how clean and clear our water around Shell Knob is, but now we have proof!  I do NOT speak with forked tongue.
There were 34 lakes tested in 2006 by the Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program. Table Rock was the one with the clearest water. It is also the lake with the lowest amount of chlorophyll and the lowest amount of phosphorus.
The report indicates good water quality throughout the lake, with good improvements in nutrient levels, particularly in the James and … (1 comments)

shell knob: WEAR ALOT OF HATS? - 06/30/07 09:39 AM
There are  factors in every occupation that either enhance enjoying your work,  or adversely affect your outlook.  What I have always enjoyed in  being a REALTOR is the hunt.   Sort of a safari around Shell Knob and Table Rock Lake.  I want to search out and find the trophy home for my hunters. 
People come to us with the  expectation  of being guided through a maze of concerns and questions to help them  find the perfect property.  They have been dreaming, scheming, searching and planning for this and want instant fulfillment. 

I often seem to be … (3 comments)

shell knob: BOAT SLIPS NEEDED IN SHELL KNOB - 06/21/07 08:45 AM
People move to Table Rock Lake to enjoy the water, and part of that enjoyment for many is useing their boat.  The next logical step is to have a place to park your boat, which is normally a boat dock or slip.
As a Shell Knob REALTOR, I know it is becoming more difficult to find these boat slips, due to restrictions placed by the Army Corps of Engineers,  but an ad in our local paper this week, The Rattler, kind of says it all.
                WANTED TO BUY
            We need … (0 comments)

shell knob: TABLE ROCK LAKE HAZARD - 06/21/07 08:22 AM
There are many water hazards floating on Table Rock Lake, warns the Coast Guard Auxiliary as they check waters around Shell Knob.  The problem was created by unusually large rains the past two weeks, which dislodged logs and branches into the water.
The normal pool level on Table Rock is 915, but the spring rains raised that to 919 for a few days.  When the water rises higher on the edges of the lake, the dead trees float free and can be in the path of a boat.
Boats traveling at a high speed may not see a log, or a partially … (0 comments)

shell knob: NEW LAKEFRONT HOME FOR SALE - 06/20/07 08:06 AM

Quality built 1-1/2 story cabin with high energy efficientfeatures such as structural styrofoam panels and comfort aire system heating and air .  Composite decking for low maintenance. 
Maple flooring, Knotty Alder cabinets, Graphite appliances, Granite Countertops and a wetbar in the basement.
The 20 x 18 loft ads to the charm of this cabin at the end of a cove.  Price of $250,000  includes a slip in the community boat dock, not far from the Shell Knob bridge and convenient to town.
PRUDENTIAL OZARKS 1ST CHOICE REALTY, INC.   MLS #: 312508        417-858-2600 

shell knob: Shell Knob Fishing Update - 06/14/07 10:22 AM

Table Rock Lake
Temperatures are in the upper 70's with 80 degree surface water to arrive soon, so night fishing is becoming the better option.
Good cover along shorelines holds possibilities for shallow bass, but most fish are spending more time in deeper water now.  Plastic worms are good, according to author Tom Koob, along secondary banks, points and transition areas.  Faster lures like crankbaits and spinnerbaits can be useful to find fish on these areas.
Bass are staging at around 20-25' but can move even deeper.  Drop-shot rigs with a Fish Doctor, French fry or razor worm … (0 comments)

shell knob: SHELL KNOB ADDICTION - 06/12/07 04:06 PM
Auctions are a fun part of Shell Knob's culture.  On the practical side, it is a way to move used goods, like a garage sale, but better.  It is a form of recycling before the word 'recycling' even existed.   It is also addicting. 
Ask this local Realtor, about how easy it is for families to have an auction to cut back on having to move all their goods when reducing the size of the home they are moving into, or due to their health, going to live with one of their children.
Shell Knob residents enthusiastically attend local auctions.    … (2 comments)

shell knob: DANGER IN OZARKS - 06/11/07 07:15 AM
When first moving to Shell Knob and I encountered a Low Water Crossing after heavy spring rains,  the surprise of seeing water rushing over the road, was surpassed by the deafening roar of this powerful force of nature. 

Then I got confused by the terminology LOW WATER - shouldn't that mean that the water was actually 'low'?  Seemed to me that it should say HIGH WATER.  In reality, a Low Water Bridge provides a bridge for when the water is actually low.
Southwest Missouri has had an unusual amount of rain this week, and as usual, there … (2 comments)

shell knob: WHAT DO YOU DO IN SHELL KNOB? - 06/09/07 09:30 AM
I had a lady ask me not long ago, "Just what do you DO in Shell Knob?"Her question gave me pause, but I had to answer truthfully, "If you have to ask , then Shell Knob probably isn't the right place for you." 
We don't have any malls (unless you want to call the Bridgeway Plaza a mall), theatres, night clubs or fancy restaurants.  We don't even have a Walmart, but you can get to a Walmart by driving 30 miles in any direction. 

Shell Knob is actually rural, and if it weren't for a large … (1 comments)

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