foreclosures: The 2014 Housing Wrap-up - 12/04/14 02:10 AM
Today I began seeing press releases from real estate pundits throwing out their predictions for the 2015 housing market. That’s all fine and good and I will probably give own opinions on 2015 in the coming weeks, but before I do that I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at what transpired in 2014.
2013 was a hot year for home prices across the nation and the prediction for 2014 was that prices would continue to rise but at a much slower 4% - 5% increase compared to the 10% plus of 2013. I saw … (2 comments)

foreclosures: Banks Reach $8.5 Billion Foreclosure Settlement - 01/10/13 01:11 AM

Banks Reach $8.5 Billion Foreclosure Settlement

Ten banks reached a $8.5 billion settlement in response to federal claims of mishandling of foreclosures and debt relief services.

Of the $8.5 billion, $3.3 billion is to be in the form of direct payments to the more than 3 million people people who were in foreclosure in 2009 and 2010.  The other $5.2 billion is earmarked for foreclosure and distressed property assistance, such as loan modifications.
Is it enough?  To read the Palm Beach Post article outlining the settlement, and how some experts feel about it, click here.

foreclosures: Bank of America's Florida Short Sale Incentive Program Expanded!!! - 08/24/12 12:22 AM
I've made some past posts reporting on the progress of the Bank of America Short Sale Incentive Program also known as the Short Sale Relocation Assistance Program. BOA kicked off a pilot program in September of 2011 with some good success by early 2012. Bank of America decided to exptend the program and at the time they were offering up to $20,000 to eligible homeowners to short sale their home. Recently, Bank of America upped the offer to as much as $30,000 to an eligible Bank of America borrower.  Here are some of the Program Basics.
- This is a Bank … (1 comments)

foreclosures: It's here...Real Estate is back! - 07/26/12 10:45 PM
It's official, Joby Slay is calling the bottom of the real estate market. Well at least in my mind it's official. In January of 2006, I remember having a conversation with a business partner and even my wife about getting out of residential real estate completely. Not because I was some sort of genius, but I do read Fortune's. Not like a fortune teller where I look in a crystal ball or read people's palms. The Fortune I am referring too is Fortune magazine. The exact issue I am referring too is the October 21, 2005 issue titled "The World's Greatest … (48 comments)

foreclosures: Top News Articles This Week from Linkedin - 07/26/12 09:36 PM

foreclosures: More Good News for the Housing! - 02/23/12 10:03 PM

foreclosures: Real Estate Market Update - December 2011 - 12/14/11 03:31 PM
December 2011 Market Update One of the key drivers of homes sales, the employment rate, is beginning to show promising signs of a turnaround. The four-week average for jobless claims, as of November 19, was 394,250, a drop of 3,250 from the previous four weeks, and at the lowest levels since April. Consumer confidence also rose 15 points in the last month, and is now at its highest point since July of this year. Eric Green, Chief Market Economist at TD Securities Inc. said, "The trend remains very constructive. Jobless claims are back below 400,000, which seems to be the pivot … (0 comments)

foreclosures: Bank of America Florida Short Sale Incentive Program Extended!!! - 12/01/11 08:12 AM
Bank of America has just extened the Florida Enhanced Short Sale Assistance Program to December 12, 2011. The program was previously set to expire November 30, 2011.
Read my previous blog post for a more in depth description of the program.
When BOA first rolled this program out in September of this year, I have to admit that a lot of professionals had their doubts on the sincerity of this Bank of America program. There have been many promises made by BOA and other lenders and servicers to simplify the short sale process or offer incentives to homeowners that are eventually reversed … (1 comments)

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