palm beach county market conditions: The 2014 Housing Wrap-up - 12/04/14 02:10 AM
Today I began seeing press releases from real estate pundits throwing out their predictions for the 2015 housing market. That’s all fine and good and I will probably give own opinions on 2015 in the coming weeks, but before I do that I thought it would be appropriate to take a look at what transpired in 2014.
2013 was a hot year for home prices across the nation and the prediction for 2014 was that prices would continue to rise but at a much slower 4% - 5% increase compared to the 10% plus of 2013. I saw … (2 comments)

palm beach county market conditions: This Weeks News Headlines from LinkedIn - 08/23/12 11:39 PM

palm beach county market conditions: It's here...Real Estate is back! - 07/26/12 10:45 PM
It's official, Joby Slay is calling the bottom of the real estate market. Well at least in my mind it's official. In January of 2006, I remember having a conversation with a business partner and even my wife about getting out of residential real estate completely. Not because I was some sort of genius, but I do read Fortune's. Not like a fortune teller where I look in a crystal ball or read people's palms. The Fortune I am referring too is Fortune magazine. The exact issue I am referring too is the October 21, 2005 issue titled "The World's Greatest … (48 comments)

palm beach county market conditions: Top News Articles This Week from Linkedin - 07/26/12 09:36 PM

palm beach county market conditions: Top Headlines in Real Estate - 09/23/11 04:22 AM
Over the past couple months I noticed a media landslide of negative economic and housing market news. Credit rating downgrades for Fannie and Freddie and the United States government, more bank failures, European nations on the brink of collapse, the stock market plunging and new record foreclosure filings coming. I wonder if should run for the hills of some remote hill place where there are hills and live in a cabin to avoid the economic asteroid that is on its way. Then I remind myself that this is the media we are talking about and very soon there will be very … (0 comments)

palm beach county market conditions: Tips for Insurance and Binding During Hurricane Season - 08/24/11 08:58 AM
When buying a home ask your insurance agent if you can pay for the insurance prior to closing to avoid any binding issues. Most insurance companies can bind your policy up to 30 days in advance. If you do not close on the purchase of the property, you will get a 100% refund of the prepaid insurance premium so there is no risk in binding early. Once a hurricane is a threat to any part of the state of Florida, many insurance companies will start shutting down their binding authority and you will not … (1 comments)

palm beach county market conditions: How does the US Credit Downgrade Affect Palm Beach County Real Estate? - 08/09/11 03:13 AM
The Standard & Poor's Ratings Agency made an unprecedented downgrade of the United States credit rating from AAA to AA+ Friday evening. This followed what had been an already shaky week for global markets after a drawn out fight over the debt ceiling in Washington and concerns over further European debt defaults. Immediately my mind begins to play out the impact on the local Jupiter real estate market? What affect will this US Credit downgrade eventually have on West Palm Beach home values or Palm Beach Gardens home values?
I expected the beginning of the week would result in a negative reaction from … (0 comments)

palm beach county market conditions: HOME VALUES: STATISTICS SAY NOT GETTING ANY BETTER, BUT IS THAT ACCURATE? - 11/10/10 07:43 AM
Some recent articles came out this week with new data confirming that most homes almost 50% of the homes in South Florida are "underwater". Underwater homes are defined as homes with mortgage debt that exceeds the current value of the property.
Another interesting statistic is that homes selling for a loss across the country stands at 27% of all sales, but in Florida that number jumps to 48%.
What this boils down to is that we still have a lot of inventory to work through in the way of short sales and foreclosures before we can expect to see homes values … (0 comments)

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