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In  Brevard County, Florida there is a plethora of inventory that is available for all types of Buyers. I come from California, where you can get a postage stamp size property for one of your limbs! In Brevard County, I specailize in investment property for landowners and businesses. If you are s...
I find it really hard to fathom how most agents are getting their work done these days. I'm not a huge technology expert, but I am finding that some successful agents are not utilizing their technology wisely. I recently found out about 'blogging" and putting my listings free on multiple sites!  ...
If short sales are a bother to you.. do your self and your clients a favor.. send them to me. I will do all of the work and pay you 12% referral fee.  I network with other realtors all over the USA they will be happy to work them for you and also pay you a 12% fee.  Your referral will be treated ...
 As Professional Realtors we must recognize that we cannot interfere when a listing is already on the market. If we do, this violates the Code of Ethics. Realtors who are poorly trained, who lack the proper skills in general are now making calls and visitng short sale listed property owners and o...
As I review my business budget I am remembering the training that I received at Keller Williams Realty, in Brevard County Florida. I am starting to brainstorm on the ways that I can get some marketing dollars and closing gifts to help my clients.  Some ideas for those of you looking for the same ...
Short sales are the latest oxy-moron! There is nothing short about them. As Real Estate professionals it is important that we stay informed on how to help our clients succeed in this difficult time.  I have been studying the most efficient ways to perform short sales, and the trick is to keep ask...
Today's Announcement (9.18.07) about the decrease in the interest rates is huge to the real estate industry.  This is helpful to most buyers that are in the debt ratio too high/moderate income level, who were getting turned down for loans. With the adjustment of the housing prices in the latter p...
Want a fun, interactive way to get a hold and plan for your financial future?  The federal government has this great resource to help you teach your families about building wealth, and staying financially healthy. This is a free website! Nothing to sign up for, just great information. This site i...
*Pick a team*Don't try to buy or sell a home without professional help.*Josephine Carpenter* will represent your best interest.With all the tools and advice available today ranging from books and magazines to online advice like - it would be possible for you to buy your home almost completely wit...


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