business plan: Busy or Productive? There's a BIG difference! - 04/27/12 04:22 AM
How do you decide what actions to take today? Is it the squeakiest wheel? The easiest to-dos? Or do you have a plan for the day? I have long advocated beginning the day identifying the 3 items that would give you the most leverage towards your long term goals. Put those 3 on a sticky note or as a pop up on your computer and work on them first, come back to them as you are distracted or fight a fire and stay focused on progress with them.
But what about everything else? When I read David Allen’s book, Getting Things … (2 comments)

business plan: Three Strategies For Success in TODAY'S Markets! - 07/21/11 02:55 AM
 In these challenging times, going back to basics, as many suggest, just doesn’t cut it! While many of the foundational prospecting activities are still important, most agents are finding they need to be thinking creatively, emploing innovations and new strategies to create a thriving business.
With every challenge, comes real opportunities.  Every year,my clients do annual business planning with a review of the current challenges, trends and opportunities. This is a crucial part of designing a plan that creates business in the current climate. This, however, is not just a yearly activity. It must be monitored regularly. Monthly assessments of the goals … (6 comments)

business plan: Your Most Valuable Business Asset is.......... You! - 01/20/11 11:29 PM
Are you taking care of you?
It’s so popular this time of the year to be working on your business plan for the coming 12 months, and what can get overlooked is your personal plan. If you physically are not in great shape, it is hard to have the energy and focus to get the business results you are striving for. As in construction, the stronger the foundation, the higher you can build!
To simplify of all this planning, I ask my clients a few questions:
What one thing if you started doing it regularly, would contribute most to your quality of life? … (5 comments)

business plan: The NEW e-PRO! - 01/10/11 12:55 AM
New Technology for a New Year! The NEW e-PRO®!
One of the most exciting offerings at the NAR Convention in November, was the roll out of the new e-PRO® Certification program. The old course was created in 2002 and had been updated, but the time had come to completely re-invent the delivery & content.
Working together with the Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI), the National Association of REALTORS® has redesigned the e-PRO® curriculum to meet the challenges of TODAY's real estate market.
The 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers found 89% of consumers start their search online! With today’s increasingly accessible … (6 comments)

business plan: The Best of NardiGras 2010 - 11/13/10 12:31 AM
I hosted a teleconference with guests, Bernice Ross and De Anne Ottaway, with our take on the activity in New Orleans. As always, the networking was the best part! There was a REBAR Camp, an Active Rain get together and some Tweetups in addition to the official NAR events!
The recording of my Fossland's Forum is here:
And here are the information and the links we shared:
The NAR Board of Directors made several changes in the professional standards arena at the NAR convention last week:
Approved a new Statement of Professional Standards to clarify NAR’s longstanding policy that … (8 comments)

business plan: What Do Sellers REALLY want??? - 08/31/10 02:56 AM
The availability of information online in the 21st century has radically changed many industries, including real estate. Travel agents and car dealers have found their businesses impacted dramatically as consumers tap into online information that gives them power and choices and makes proprietary information a thing of the past. In the real estate industry, the “one size fits all” model is quickly becoming antiquated. Consumers want choice. They want more control. They are more educated and feel more empowered and many do not fully understand the value of the real estate agent in their transaction.
The good news is that our business … (3 comments)

business plan: Five Tips To Design An Amazing December! - 12/02/09 02:45 AM
Well, it's here, isn't it? Another December! The great news is that each of us still here too. We haven't starved. We have food. We have an unlimited range of possibility. AND, it ain't like it used to be, is it? Since we just celebrated all the things we have to be thankful for...that's a great energy to take into December. But...having an amazing December could be enhanced by some good design, or you may find it chaotic and unproductive.
Five Tips To Design An Amazing December:
1. Schedule The Time OFF - You know there are going to be lots … (9 comments)

business plan: Busnss Planning 101! Your Job is To Choose What You Want! - 10/13/09 01:34 AM

I love the time I spend with my granddaughter, Lily. She reminds me how powerful it is to know what we want and just believe unwaveringly it will happen. She is never lacking ideas of things for us to do when we hang out. This past weekend, we baked cookies and decorated them for Halloween, carved a pumpkin, and bought a kit and decorated a wooden hand mirror. None of these things had been part of my planning for the weekend, but her enthusiasm sucked me in. When she has an idea of what she wants or what will be … (2 comments)

business plan: Who Is Your Perfect Client? - 03/06/07 06:59 AM
 Are you still trying to be all things to all possible clients? Or, do you have a very clear idea of who is your best client? I know you've heard that differentiating yourself and branding yourself (two very different pieces of the puzzle) are keys to getting the business in 2007. When you did your business plan for 2007, did you think about WHO you want to work with this year (What?????That plan still isn't done? It's not too late: You can go here) ?  
 So, let's think about this. The more clarity you have in who you want to work … (0 comments)

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