joeann fossland master certified coach: Business Planning....the easy way! - 10/16/14 08:24 AM
Bottom Line about Business Planning
I have lived most of my life believing that a business plan will help make it more likely to achieve what you really want. I have even perpetuated the statistics of achievement, citing that people with a business plan achieve more! I have watched people struggle, feel guilty about not doing it right, try to create more self-discipline to manage themselves. For the most part, it seems, all of this struggle not only does not achieve the result, but leaves people feeling like a failure.
All that detailed business planning is the old school way.......
So, to risk being classified … (13 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: 100 Day Challenge! Will you Be ExtraOrdinary? - 09/09/14 08:04 AM
Bottom Line about September 22   On September 22, you have 100 days left in the rest of 2014! What about taking on a challenge to make this the best 100 business days you have ever had?   Last 100 Days of The Year! If you are up for it, here’s what to do:
Review where you are year to date Set your intention/ vision for the last 100 days Identify which are going to be rejuvenation or enjoyment days Determine what your actions need to be weekly Determine what your actions need to be daily Get a partner or … (13 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: Shift Your Reality with 3 Communication Tips - 08/27/14 08:45 AM
"Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions.  Small  people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."–Mark Twain
Charismatic, powerful people have a way with words. Perfecting your communication skills can attract and increase your business. With words, you can empower, or you can diminish. 
When you speak:
Do you your words connect with others?  Do they feel understood, appreciated and acknowledged?  When you talk to yourself, does it create a reality that is empowering?   The words we say to others and the words we say to ourselves all … (7 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: Love, Business or Negotiation....What's Your Joint Shared Commitment? - 06/24/13 10:44 PM
In any relationship, the best results, when there is disharmony, come from identifying and focusing on what I call the Joint Shared Commitment . What I mean by this is that both people involved have an outcome that is important to them that paralles one with the other person. What derails us, is often, instead of keeping our eye on the joint shared commitment, we focus on the details. ("cursed details" my friend Mike Dooley calls them!) As we do that,  our thinking polarizes into believing our way to accomplish the end result is the right way or, worse, the only way.   In … (3 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: No...An iPad can't replace you, but it CAN give you an advantage! - 08/25/12 06:06 AM
Technology is never going to replace the personal contact and care that is integral in building trust and relationship in the real estate business. It can, however, help in so many ways!
Everything is moving oh so fast these days....Today’s consumers expectations have never been higher and the agents that are going to thrive in the coming years are those who have embraced the tools and systems that gain the consumer’s confidence and help with their own efficiency & effectiveness. Sadly, the 2012 J.D. Power Homebuying and Selling Satisfaction Survey shows consumers are LESS satisfied with us these days. Have you embraced moving … (5 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: More, Harder, Faster? Or Procrastination? - 08/07/12 02:43 AM
Which option would you choose? The conventional wisdom purveyors tell us being in action is best the answer to creating results and procrastination is a BAD thing! Under some circumstances, that is true -- but not always! I know too many tired people who are trying to increase their business with doing more, working harder and trying to outwit the time they have by going faster, or worse: multitasking! They aren’t working a peak proficiency or focusing… they are just doing everything that gets tossed at them trying to make progress.
Instead of feeling happy about their working, they are feeling … (4 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: How To Be Wildly Productive! - 07/25/12 05:45 AM
Distractions, Distractions, Distractions!
Every day serves up a gazillion choices. If you can choose your highest priorities, focus on the actions that will provide the biggest payoff and ignore the time-sucks, you will be ahead of 98% of the population!
In Charles Duhigg's book, The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and in business, he references a survey by Duke University that found over 40% of what we do everyday is not conscious decisions but habit. Most of us have habits that distract and waste precious time. The great news is when we become aware of these, … (8 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: Busy or Productive? There's a BIG difference! - 04/27/12 04:22 AM
How do you decide what actions to take today? Is it the squeakiest wheel? The easiest to-dos? Or do you have a plan for the day? I have long advocated beginning the day identifying the 3 items that would give you the most leverage towards your long term goals. Put those 3 on a sticky note or as a pop up on your computer and work on them first, come back to them as you are distracted or fight a fire and stay focused on progress with them.
But what about everything else? When I read David Allen’s book, Getting Things … (2 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: Fabulous Fall Has Arrived! - 10/06/11 03:05 AM
Fabulous Fall Has Arrived!
There’s a crispness in the air that brings a smile to my face. I LOVE this time of the year. I hope wherever you are, the weather is delicious as well! I am looking forward to a trip back to Baltimore for a High School Reunion (and I'm teaching The Business of Your Business PMN Designation Class and a Point2Agent SEO Class). And, my granddaughter,Lily, turns 10 in a few weeks! Both of those events remind me how quickly time is marching forward.
With less than 90 days until the end of the year.....What are you doing to … (6 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: I Believe in Miracles! Do you? - 09/08/11 01:20 PM
Do you believe in miracles?... My definition of a miracle as something that wasn't going to happen anyway. Through your vision and intention, you bring things about. I just LOVE knowing I have the power to do this! And, I love playing with it.
Last year, before the NAR Convention, I decided many vendors would be giving away iPads and I WANTED one! I was going to win one! So I visualkized, I told people I was going to win one and I entered at every booth that was giving them away. I did not win one at the convention. But … (3 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: Give Up Being REASONABLE!!!! - 08/23/11 10:12 AM
“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.”
George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman (1903) "Maxims for Revolutionists"
I got the invitation to my 45th High School Reunion at St. Paul’s School for Girls in Baltimore for this October and thought….while it would be fun to go…money has been tight with our recent move and I still have so much to do. So, I decided it didn't make sense to go. I am Class Secretary this year & so the … (8 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: Three Strategies For Success in TODAY'S Markets! - 07/21/11 02:55 AM
 In these challenging times, going back to basics, as many suggest, just doesn’t cut it! While many of the foundational prospecting activities are still important, most agents are finding they need to be thinking creatively, emploing innovations and new strategies to create a thriving business.
With every challenge, comes real opportunities.  Every year,my clients do annual business planning with a review of the current challenges, trends and opportunities. This is a crucial part of designing a plan that creates business in the current climate. This, however, is not just a yearly activity. It must be monitored regularly. Monthly assessments of the goals … (6 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: What Makes YOU Happy and How do You Know? - 05/10/11 12:56 PM
I have been gleefully gushing how happy I am with my new house to my husband, Bub. He replied the other day when I said, "I am Soooo Happy." .."How do you know?" That got me thinking.
Is happiness about the external? About the right circumstances? About wanting, getting & having things? All of these are nice, but what happens when things don't quite line up?
Can you still be happy?
My granddaughter, Lily, and I talk about this fairly frequently when she just has to have something. Through the eyes of a 9 year old, having the right things and having … (3 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: Is Your Stress Real?????? - 01/26/11 04:27 AM
Do You Have Stress????......Or, what I’m learning from my body
I am healthy and well and I never get sick! My blood pressure, cholesterol, and the functioning of everything the medical profession tests with blood work and CT scans are all good! I am grateful every day to have a body that functions so well! I have worked diligently to live a life I love and balance my work with relaxation and rejuvenation time.
So, it’s come as a surprise that I’ve manifested a couple of nagging conditions one of which bears the description degenerative (does that mean OLD???). Well, I … (2 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: The NEW e-PRO! - 01/10/11 12:55 AM
New Technology for a New Year! The NEW e-PRO®!
One of the most exciting offerings at the NAR Convention in November, was the roll out of the new e-PRO® Certification program. The old course was created in 2002 and had been updated, but the time had come to completely re-invent the delivery & content.
Working together with the Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI), the National Association of REALTORS® has redesigned the e-PRO® curriculum to meet the challenges of TODAY's real estate market.
The 2010 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers found 89% of consumers start their search online! With today’s increasingly accessible … (6 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: What One Thing????? - 01/08/11 06:14 AM
While I've been helping people create their business plans for 2011 with some complexity doing a 4 week webinar series and offering my 2011 Awesome Year Plan.....
Here's a very simple way to make a difference in your results: Answer these questions:
If you did it regularly?
If you stopped doing it?
I guess that’s really 2 things!!!
Would love to hear your thoughts!


joeann fossland master certified coach: Are You Breathing? - 01/07/11 05:50 AM
If you are reading this, I’ll have to assume the answer is yes…. the old joke when I got into real estate in 1983 was that you could get hired if you could fog a mirror. It was also the test for one of those old assumable loans too! These days, it certainly takes more than just breathing to be successful or to get a loan!
Many of us may be breathing but not really being aware of it most of the time.
You see, I shared I am a recovering “Type A” and, as such, am intrigued with ways … (6 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: 5 Simple Tips for Social Networking - 01/06/11 05:01 AM
Do you participate and reap rewards from social media?
Many agents feel it is a waste of their time or it isn't bring the rewards in the way they expect or want. People’s experiences seem to fall into several categories:
The ones who are closing business and have clear objectives Those who are high profile & having fun, but not closing business Those who see it as a giant waste of time but feel it is something they must do to be competitive. Where do you fit? The tips below may help you increase your level of effectiveness.
Here are … (1 comments)

joeann fossland master certified coach: Putting More $$$'s in Your Pocket! - 01/05/11 02:46 AM
It’s Not What You Make, It’s What You Keep!
In today’s economy, most of us are looking for ways to maximize our income. It was a big Ah-ha for a few of the participants in my Business Planning Teleseminar this year when I said,” one of the most important actions you could take was looking for where you could save money since you get to keep every $ you save, whereas each dollar you add to your gross will be diminished by expenses and taxes.” In other words, saving $1 gives you $1 and making another dollar probably only gives you 50 cents!

joeann fossland master certified coach: Tis The Season! What are you giving??? - 12/07/10 10:55 AM
“You give but little when you give of your possessions.
It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” ~ Kahlil Gibran
One Christmas when my grandaughter, Lily, was 3, she was the only small child at our gathering. Everyone was pushing their present at her urging her to open it next! She finally became overwhelmed and had enough and in a very loud voice said,”NO MORE PRESENTS!” Ah, the wisdom of a child!
 These days, she has embraced the materialism that is all around and has quite a long list of what she wants for Christmas. We … (5 comments)

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