time management: Maybe You Should Procrastinate More Often! - 05/24/13 08:53 AM
Procrastination? Or More, Harder, Faster?
Which option do you think you should choose?
The conventional wisdom purveyors tell us being in action is best the answer to creating results. They say procrastination is a BAD thing! Under many circumstances, that is true -- however, there are times when procrastination is the better tactic. I know too many tired people who are trying to increase their business doing more, by working harder and trying to outwit the time they have by multitasking! They don't work at peak proficiency or with focus… they are just doing everything that gets tossed at them trying … (5 comments)

time management: How To Be Wildly Productive! - 07/25/12 05:45 AM
Distractions, Distractions, Distractions!
Every day serves up a gazillion choices. If you can choose your highest priorities, focus on the actions that will provide the biggest payoff and ignore the time-sucks, you will be ahead of 98% of the population!
In Charles Duhigg's book, The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and in business, he references a survey by Duke University that found over 40% of what we do everyday is not conscious decisions but habit. Most of us have habits that distract and waste precious time. The great news is when we become aware of these, … (8 comments)

time management: Busy or Productive? There's a BIG difference! - 04/27/12 04:22 AM
How do you decide what actions to take today? Is it the squeakiest wheel? The easiest to-dos? Or do you have a plan for the day? I have long advocated beginning the day identifying the 3 items that would give you the most leverage towards your long term goals. Put those 3 on a sticky note or as a pop up on your computer and work on them first, come back to them as you are distracted or fight a fire and stay focused on progress with them.
But what about everything else? When I read David Allen’s book, Getting Things … (2 comments)

time management: 5 Simple Tips for Social Networking - 01/06/11 05:01 AM
Do you participate and reap rewards from social media?
Many agents feel it is a waste of their time or it isn't bring the rewards in the way they expect or want. People’s experiences seem to fall into several categories:
The ones who are closing business and have clear objectives Those who are high profile & having fun, but not closing business Those who see it as a giant waste of time but feel it is something they must do to be competitive. Where do you fit? The tips below may help you increase your level of effectiveness.
Here are … (1 comments)

time management: Productive Not Just Busy! - 04/30/10 02:20 AM

It's so easy to get pulled into activities that aren't the highest and best use of our time, isn't it??? If you aren't clear on your priorities and good at setting boundaries with others, the day can go by and you wonder at the end what really got accomplished. I've been using this simple technique to keep myself and my client's focused:
Joeann's Rule of Three:What 3 things, if you took action on them today will give you the biggest payoff towards your LONG TERM goals?
Here's what to do:
•·        At the very beginning of the day, choose … (0 comments)

time management: BEING THE PERSON WHO Has the energy to give... - 02/09/10 12:17 PM
I know you know this......You have to take care of yourself FIRST!!!! ALWAYS. You can only give to others in proportion to what you have. If you are tired, scared, frantic or beat up...you don't have much to offer the people you want to serve. And, even though you know this, why do I keep talking with people who are making half as much working twice as hard and are just plain tired?.....Why is it so hard to stop and re-center, focus and begin in the beginning? And that beginning is to nurture and love you.
Yes, it may sound selfish … (9 comments)

time management: Are You Using YOUR time Wisely??? - 05/25/09 05:03 AM
I am so excited to be part of a self-help series, hosted by Jim Schibly
This Wednesday at 8 PM EDT, you are invited to a free(to the first 250 people) TeleSeminar called
The 'Keys ' to Unlocking Your Ability to Do More in Less Time and Seeing Double the Results!"
There is the sign up and all the details here
Among other topics, I'll share:
How to discover where time is literally leaking out of your day. The 5 key steps to getting more done with less time and effort. How to create a time log that will maximize your efficiency. 7 proven techniques … (0 comments)

time management: Learn and Be Healthier and Time Management that will help Plug the Leaks! - 05/23/09 05:46 AM
Self Growth Expert Series - I am participating in a 10-part expert teleseminar series that that you might finding interesting. You'll get the best information available on motivation, empowerment, goal setting, time management, health tips, the law of attraction and a LOT more from 10 different speakers, including me!
Each call will have a live Q&A session as well to get all your questions answered and get you help and advice on the spot! While the series is not specific to the real estate industry, I think you'' find it valuable: Not only will you get a ton of free information … (2 comments)

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