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So it has been awhile since I wrote. the mortgage industry has been through so much and yet there is so much yet to change... It seems like I have been in this industry forever, and then again it seems like I must have just started today.  There is a new threat on the horizon. I feel obligated to...
Well our wonderful Government is back at it. They are going to try to legislatively remove the compensation for mortgage lenders. Well they are going to "FIX IT" meaning that no matter how much work or effort, or the size of the loan tha LO will need to be paid the same. No doubt this will cause ...
Well...after sending a proposal to The White House, Senate Banking Commitee Chairman and the Ranking Memeber and our two fine Wisconsin Senators I made follow up phone calls. Talk about frustration! These folks are in the bunker and the poor souls that answer the phone have the dubious job of BLO...
Sure over the past 2 months the Mortgage world has been given the gift of refinance. Thanks to the economy we have really enjoyed income that is earned but to be honest came as a gift. This gift is a limited time and reading a previous blog on AR I am not disappearing from the Real Estate Agents ...
Have you ever tried to access your Federal Elected Official? The inability to reach one of these officials shows how out of touch they are. It doesn't matter the party they are with..they all hide. You can certainly talk to a lower person. They always send the form email reply and my favorite is ...
Remember that day you met your first fling... the day you started in Real Estate? The Day you got that new car? Life is like new carpet. At first shoes are not allowed because you are excited about the smell and you dont see any flaws in the carpet. Then "SPLASH" red wine. or a listing contract p...
 I was listening to the radio and the talk host was sharing his opinion that there should be a penalty for CEO's and the other Executives that run a company into the ground. He felt that it was NOT in the Governments job description to limit the pay but that Legislators should create a law that m...
I am part of a small group here in Milwaukee. Last meeting we were talking about facebook and other sites like active rain as a way to reach our current and past clients as well as a networking tool. Yesterday I decided it was time to go Facebook. I must admit that I was not expecting the results...
We have all had to face the music of filing quarterly tax payments. Some have felt the long arm of the IRS **SMACK** them right upside the back of the head. Lately, all I hear about is all the people that are hyper earners in politics being able to somehow ignor the IRS. Penalty fees get waived. ...
It seems like every Mortgage Broker and their mom went to get HUD approval this past six months. Now everyone says "yeah, we do FHA." well I ask that Loan Officer what is the 4155 and deer in the headlights is the stare I get back. Simply asking or hearing that a broker does offer FHA does not me...

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