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If you are a college football fan, then you already know that, on Sat. 9/27, the Fresno State Bulldogs beat UCLA, the Georgia Bulldogs lost to Alabama and the Mississippi State Bulldogs lost to LSU.   The REAL BULLDOGS won. For a long time, when you said 'Bulldogs' people immediately thought of t...
I'm Voting for John McCain because I believe responsibility and accountability are the forefront of conservative ideals.  Many are caught up in abortion, experience, budgets, foreign policy dialog, which are all very important issues, but when it comes down to it, I'm a party guy that ultimately ...
When do I blame Bush and when do I blame Cheney?  Last week, my computer crashed at work, ahhh!... right in the middle of an MLS input, "Damn, Cheney!!"  I yelled.  A co-worker from an adjoining office yelled back, "computer crashes are George Bush's fault, not Cheney's."    At a family gathering...
I had to see it for myself.  I have heard the stories of illegals crossing the border, but felt I couldn't have a real opinion until I witnessed for myself the determination of families who put their lives at risk for the betterment of future generations. After a recent business trip in San Diego...
Great Bones, Oddles of Potential, Strong Current Return, Bargain Pricing... these are the makings of a deal to be made in this market.  Here is 40 Sunrise Ave in Colfax, CA.  A 7-unit complex with Residential Commercial zoning, easy freeway access, short walk to downtown and long history of 100% ...
With the simplification of digital cameras and camera phones, I'm even more amazed at how many listings hit the Multiple Listing Service without property photos.  The speed to get the listing on to MLS has become more important than the completeness of the information. When agents and clients on ...
All of you true college football fans must have cleared your social schedules for this Saturday evening.  On the under card we have Ohio State visiting USC, should be a great game and a warm up for the headline game,    Wisconsin at the Fresno State Bulldogs. The same non-BCS Bulldogs that stole ...
I heard it again today, this time on CNN's Rick Sanchez' show discussing religion and politics -  "God is Neither a Republican Nor a Democrat".  Really?  So God is not all-inclusive?  God is not omnipresent?  This saying was also one of those cutsie bumper stickers the last few national elections...
I often receive questions about what type of commercial investment deals around the US. I thought a weekly update on this blog could offer a snap shot of some of the available properties in areas you may not otherwise consider.  These snapshots offer limited information, but they are actual listi...
This post is more related to California properties based on our property tax code and the famous 1978 passing of Prop 13.  If you are not familiar with that proposition, it, among many other things, limited the counties ability to increase the assessed value of a property to 2% a year.  The up to...

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