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4 days to go and both presidential candidates are still at it.  Dollars spent, attacks levied, camera time increased.  And why?  Because we keep hearing about all these 'undecideds'.  Really? (SNL lingo)  You're still undecided?  Is there any information you could possibly expect to hear between ...
CEOs make way too much money for what they actually produce and should be paid less.  We should boycott their products and demand they are paid less. The CEOs I'm referring of course to Celebrity Egocentric Opportunists, also known as Hollywood Actors.  Note these 2007 incomes:  Will Smith - $80 ...
I'm referring to the political expression of placing a Presidential candidate sign on the front lawn or a "Vote For _ _ _ _" sticker on the car.  What is the intent of this expression - to illustrate their own personal choice or to sway someone else's personal choice? I believe voting is a person...
There are two types of people in this world.  Those who fill their cup with coffee, then add the cream and sugar, OR those who add the coffee to an already sweetened mug.  Which are you? I love that coffee company from Seattle with the green logo... I can't think of their name right now, wait, le...

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