doj: ACTRIS Image Rules Petition: Anti-Trust and Bad for (the vast majorioty of) Agents - 02/10/12 11:56 AM
[Joe Cline] Hired their own attorney? I'm pretty sure the attorney works for Turnquist/Shiflet, therefore has no duty to the MLS, ACTRIS, or other members. So who cares if they hired their own attorney? That attorney ONLY CARES ABOUT THEIR CLIENTS.
[Joe Cline] Ok. I'm with you here
[Joe Cline] Then DON'T put 'Y' in the little field that says IDX and they will not be on the web. Voila. Your listings are yours and yours alone.
[Joe Cline] If you don't mind sharing, then what is this whole petition about? Oh, you don't mind sharing as long as all the … (3 comments)