around the home: How To Stretch Home Improvement Dollars The Most - 01/27/21 08:31 AM
There are lots of homeowners who are looking for a way to improve the quality of their home while also increasing the value of their property. Unfortunately, a lot of home improvement ideas can be prohibitively expensive. It is not unusual for homeowners to spend six figures on a renovation project. On the other hand, there are also home improvement ideas that will not break the bank.
What are a few of the top ideas that homeowners should consider? 
Start With A Few Quality Ceiling Fans
First, homeowners should consider starting with a few quality ceiling fans. Because a lot of homeowners do not … (0 comments)

around the home: 3 Easy Ways to Make over a Room by Adding New Light Fixtures - 01/22/21 07:46 AM
Light is an important design element that can be used to influence your interior decor in a number of ways. In fact, you can experience a major transformative change on the overall style and ambiance of a room by making a few simple lighting changes. Consider how these ideas can help you to improve the look of your space with great results, and think about ways that you can improve your space by making a few changes.
The Addition of Spotlights
If you have fine pieces of artwork, decorative display areas or other features that you want to illustrate with beautiful clarity, the … (4 comments)

around the home: Three Renovations That Will Boost Your Home’s Value - 11/13/20 11:33 AM
Are you feeling the “renovation itch” or perhaps looking for a fun project that you can take on which will provide you with a return on your investment? There are numerous home upgrades and renovations that can add value to a home without costing a large sum of money to complete.
Let’s take a look at three popular home renovations that can increase your home equity without draining your bank account.
Are you feeling the “renovation itch” or perhaps looking for a fun project that you can take on which will provide you with a return on your investment? Let’s take a look … (2 comments)

around the home: Save Money on Home Energy Costs This Winter in Just Three Easy Steps - 11/06/20 09:33 AM
It doesn’t matter if you heat your home with electricity, natural gas or some other energy source; prices continue to rise and that means increased heating costs for most of us.
In today’s blog post we’ll share three easy ways that you can save money on your home energy costs this winter.
Install and Use Programmable Thermostats
Now that Nest and other companies have brought Wi-Fi enabled, programmable thermostats on the market there’s very few excuses to avoid using them. At bare minimum you’ll want a digital thermostat that can be programmed to turn on and off at certain hours of the day.
For example, … (1 comments)

around the home: Top 10 Indoor Houseplants For Your Air Quality - 08/12/20 11:43 AM
Houseplants are great for decorating. They can brighten up any room. Plus, houseplants can increase the air quality in a room. That makes you happier, healthier and reduces stress.
Speaking of stress, these plants won’t create any at all. All of the plants on this list are great at producing oxygen and require very little care.
10. Heartleaf Philodendron
A tough plant that’s a good filter for toxins like formaldehyde, Heartleaf Philodendron makes a great houseplant. The only downside is that it’s toxic to eat, so it may not be the best choice for those with kids or pets. But if you can control … (1 comments)

around the home: Baby-proof Your Home With This Quick and Easy Checklist - 09/01/17 10:47 AM
It’s a very exciting time for most parents when their kids begin to crawl, but it can also be much more difficult to watch over your child and ensure their safety. If your child is starting to get along on their own and you’re preparing to baby proof, here are the main areas and items you’ll want to watch out for.
Clearing Away The Crib
There’s no place your child is going to spend more time, so ensure that there are no toys left in their crib when they’re going to sleep. You’ll also want to stay away from fluffy blankets that can … (0 comments)

around the home: Tesla’s New Solar Roof Tiles – Are They the Ultimate Home Upgrade? - 07/07/17 01:37 PM
Tesla may have become the famous brand it is for the creation of the electric car in 2008, but it has since burgeoned into a company that has diverse ambitions for how we utilize energy. Recently, Tesla has moved into the business of solar roof panels, which have become a hot commodity on the market with their green ethos and energy savings. If you’re curious about solar power and want to know the details on this product, here are some things to consider before buying in.
The Details On Tesla’s Solar Panels
With the recent release of Tesla’s solar roof panels, many homeowners … (1 comments)

around the home: With Some DIY Work, The Garage Can Be Used for More Than Just Your Car - 06/30/17 07:33 AM
Along with the family vehicles, the garage may be the place where all of the things you don’t want in your house go to disappear. However, you might not be aware that there are a number of DIY hacks you can use for your garage that will instantly make it a more useable space. If you’re wondering how you can fit more in while improving the aesthetic appeal of your garage, here are some tricks to test out.
Give Your Garden Tools Space
The pile of garden tools that often sit in the corner of the garage is generally unpleasant to look at … (2 comments)

around the home: Dusty Attic, No More: How to Convert an Attic Into Usable Living Space - 06/08/17 12:27 PM
The attic may be one of the spaces in the house that everyone prefers to avoid, but many people forget that an attic can be a great place for a bedroom or an additional living room. If you’re wondering how you can go about upgrading your attic for everyday use, here are some things to think about before you move forward.
Consider The Access Routes
In order for an attic to function as a truly livable space, you will need to have access to it and there will also need to be a fire escape route. This means that, in addition to a … (1 comments)

around the home: How to Make the Most of a Smaller, Intimate Yard - 06/06/17 01:15 PM
It’s great to have a yard in this day and age, but so many new developments in the city have limited green space for you to let your imagination run wild. If you’re wondering what you can do with your patch of green space or small yard, here are a few options for making it aesthetically appealing and still maximizing its potential.
Pick A Centerpiece
In order to stretch the look of your green space, try adding a centerpiece or focal point that will draw the eye and instantly improve your yard’s appeal. Whether you decide on a planter, a birdbath or an … (0 comments)

around the home: 3 Simple Home Security Upgrades That Will Help to Deter Burglars - 05/16/17 12:35 PM
Whether you’re going on an extended holiday or are just concerned about security in your neighborhood, you might be curious about the best ways to pursue safety in your home. If you’re wondering how you can successfully stave off theft without a high price tag, here are some tips for protecting your property.
Keep It Clean
It’s often said that one of the first things a burglar will look for when it comes to a prize home is an unkempt property. Fortunately for you, this means that keeping your property clean and tidy is a great way to prevent your home from being … (0 comments)

around the home: How to Put a Fence Around Your Home Without Destroying Its Appeal - 05/05/17 06:57 AM
Many homeowners consider a fence around their property for a variety of reasons, whether it’s to keep the dog in the yard or to maintain privacy. However, the wrong fence can entirely change the look of your property and make a beautiful yard a bit of an eyesore. If you’re trying to determine what kind of fence will work for your home, here are some tips before you start to dig in the dirt.
What’s Your Fence For?
Before deciding what kind of material to use, it’s important to know what type of utility you want for your fence. While a stone fence … (3 comments)

around the home: Going on a Vacation? Protect Your Home & Valuables With These 3 Tips - 04/20/17 11:35 AM
It’s always exciting to pack up and get away from your home for the sake of escape, but going on vacation also means leaving your home behind. While a good neighborhood can go a long way towards making sure your home stays safe in your absence, here are some additional tips for how to ensure you’ll be coming back from your trip without incident.
Take Care Of Your Property
Thieves will often assume that an unkempt yard and home maintenance issues are a sign of a homeowner that doesn’t care, and this will often attract them to a property. Instead of giving potential … (0 comments)

around the home: Pamper Your Pet With These Five Awesome Pet-friendly Home Upgrades - 04/14/17 09:18 AM
The best addition to many a family is the beloved pet, but beyond the regular treats and pillows, there are plenty of ways to spoil your pet and let them know how much you love them. If you’re looking for some neat concepts for your favorite pooch, here are some unique ideas you may want to try out.
A Relaxing, Personal Place
Many animals will gravitate towards your new couch, but by giving them their own special spot, you can make them happy and keep your living room looking great at the same time. Instead of a second-hand pillow, buy them their very … (0 comments)

around the home: Worried About Climate Change? 4 Ways to Make Home Climate Friendly - 03/29/17 11:59 AM
Many people are concerned with having a negative impact on the environment, but it can be hard to know where to begin when it comes to climate friendly solutions around the home. Whether you’re planning for a future investment or are interested in fixing-up the home you’re in, here are some solutions for greening up your personal space that won’t bust the bank.
Evaluate Your Insulation
If your insulation is not installed properly or requires more padding, this will have a significant impact on your energy use and your monthly electricity bill. By doing a candle test around the house to check for … (0 comments)

around the home: Renovating on a Budget? Check Out These Equity-boosting Home Upgrades - 03/28/17 12:06 PM
The idea of embarking on home renovations may strike many homeowners as an expensive one, but there are plenty of ways that you can easily upgrade your home without spending a lot of money. If you’re looking for improvements that will truly (and frugally) improve the value of your home, here are a few do-it-yourself options you may want to consider.
Change The Lighting
There are few small fixes that will improve the look of your home like lighting, so one of the best things you can do for the overall look of your house is change out some of your bulbs. Instead … (1 comments)

around the home: Spring Fever: How to Detect If Allergy Hotspots Are in Your Home - 03/17/17 08:46 AM
The spring season may be a time of cherry blossoms and longer days, but it’s also common for allergies to ramp up. While you won’t be able to stop the season, there are things you can do to limit the impact of allergies in your home. If you’re wondering what has the greatest impact on your sinus health in the home, here are a few places you’ll want to check out.
Have You Looked Under The Bed?
Many diligent housecleaners will do a sweep under the bed each time, but for those of us who want to avoid pulling everything out, this area … (1 comments)

around the home: Predicting Tax Refund? 3 Reasons You Should Use It for Home Renovation - 03/14/17 07:52 AM
There’s a burden that comes along with having to do your taxes every spring, but it can actually be a great benefit if you’re getting a sizeable refund this year. While many people like the idea of going on a trip or spending the extra funds, here’s why you may want to consider investing it back into your home for a profit you’ll be able to see!
It’s Free Money
Many people will argue that your tax refund is money that’s already owed to you and is part of your income, but it still tends to feel like a bonus since most don’t … (0 comments)

around the home: 5 Home Maintenance Chores You Can’t Forget to Take Care of This Winter - 02/13/17 06:04 AM
Winter may be a time for nesting until the cold weather abates, but there are a number of important tasks that a homeowner should be sure to do during the winter months. If you’re readying for the slow season or wondering what you might have forgotten, here are some things you’ll want to check off your to-do list.
A New Coat Of Paint
Getting out the paint may seem like a sizeable task, but any peeling paint is going to be adversely affected by the cooler temperatures of fall and winter. While you may want to hold off if it’s already cold, it … (1 comments)

around the home: Spring Cleaning Tips for Montgomery County Homeowners - 03/20/14 11:15 PM
Spring is around the corner, and it’s time to get your home in order!
Spring cleaning can be fun and easy if you follow some general guidelines, which are sure to get your home ready for the nice weather and looking as beautiful as the weather is about to. Kick the winter clutter to the curb with these spring cleaning tips.
Start With The Closets
Spring is here, and winter wear is no longer needed! It’s time to box up all of the winter boots, jackets, gloves, and scarfs until next season.
Starting your spring clean with your closets is a … (1 comments)

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