financing: How To Pay Off Your Mortgage Early: 4 Methods That Work - 05/13/20 11:33 AM
While a mortgage is a necessity for many people who have the dream of owning a home, it is also a form of debt. Most people do not like owing money to someone else. Therefore, homeowners might be looking for ways to pay off their mortgage early. The reality is that people are charged interest for having a mortgage. If a mortgage is paid off early, this is less money than the bank will take and more money in the pockets of homeowners.
There are a few methods people can use to pay off their mortgage early.
Make Extra Payments
At the beginning of … (1 comments)

financing: 4 Things Not To Do When Buying A Home - 05/06/20 10:09 AM
There is a long list of things that people need to do when they are looking to buy a home; however, it is also important for people to know what to avoid as this process unfolds. There is a lot for people to remember and it is easy for people to get carried away when they start looking at their dream homes. Even though it is great to look at a bunch of houses and imagine living there, it is critical for people to stay grounded and know what to avoid.
Do Not Make Any Large Purchases During The Home Buying Process
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financing: Building An Emergency Fund During An Emergency - 04/01/20 11:31 AM
By now, it should be apparent that this COVID-19 (Corona-virus) pandemic is going to be here for several months. It is already causing the market to plummet and is disrupting jobs all over the country. Many people who work as hourly employees (or are independent contractors) are starting to suffer. As people’s budgets start to feel the squeeze, this is exactly the time that people should be relying on an emergency fund; however, for those who don’t have one, it is time to start saving.
How To Create An Emergency Fund
Even though cash assistance from the government might be coming soon, this … (0 comments)

financing: Is A 15 Or 30 Year Mortgage Right For You? - 01/15/20 11:31 AM
When someone is looking to purchase a house, they need to think about how long they want their mortgage to last. While a bank can structure a mortgage to last for any number of years, the most common lengths are 15 and 30 years. While a 30-year mortgage is typically more affordable, a 15-year mortgage is cheaper overall. 
When someone is trying to decide how long they want their mortgage to last, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.
The Benefits Of A 15-Year Mortgage
There are a few important benefits that everyone should know about a 15-year mortgage. Some of … (0 comments)

financing: What is Owner Financing When Buying A Home? - 10/30/19 11:52 AM
There are many options when it comes to taking out a loan on a new home. One of the options that people might have heard about is called owner financing. In general, the property owner takes the place of a traditional lender.
Instead of someone taking out of a loan from a bank or a credit union, they take out a loan from the owner of the property. Similar to a traditional loan, the buyer will make payments to the seller over a period of time with a certain interest rate.
The Structure Of Owner Financing
If someone elects to go with owner financing, … (0 comments)

financing: 4 Tips To Ensure A Successful Closing - 07/02/19 02:47 PM
As you come up to the date of your closing, there’s time to reflect on everything that led to this step. Your real estate agent, mortgage broker, title company and others all work hard to ensure a successful closing for you. They’re all in your corner, hoping for the same outcome as you. They’ve had to do a lot of work behind the scenes that you may not even be aware of. Their diligence and professionalism has already benefited you.
But did you know that it’s not all riding on your team of real estate professionals? There are things you can do … (1 comments)

financing: What You Need to Know About Private Money Loans - 11/11/13 10:37 PM
What You Need to Know About Private Money Loans
Private Money financing refers to loans collateralized by real estate, where the source of the funds used to close Real Estate transactions come from private investors.
The decision by the investors to make a loan is based primarily upon plenty of equity in the real property securing the loan thus reducing the risk of loss.
The ability to repay, and the borrower’s character is also considered along with how the borrower will pay the investor back in time.
Private Money loans are needed when a borrower or a property falls outside … (0 comments)

financing: USDA Updates – They now charge for the awesomeness! - 10/24/11 08:44 AM
USDA Updates – They now charge for the awesomeness!
In my last post I gave a few tidbits about USDA (Click here if you missed it - Kick butt 100% financing that you’ll probably qualify for).   WOW, I didn’t realize so many people would respond.  Good Great stuff guys.  So here are a few updates….
October 1, 2011 USDA Rural Housing Loan Changes:
USDA Rural Housing has been taxpayer-subsidized for years.  Long gone are those days.  The USDA Rural Housing Program will no longer be dependent on tax payer money (wish we could say the same about the big banks! Can I … (3 comments)

financing: USDA Rural Housing – kick butt 100% financing that you’ll probably qualify for! - 10/21/11 08:56 AM
So you’re looking to buy a home, you don’t have a lot of cash to work with & want a low payment.  Looks like you better go to Craigslist & see the rental section right?
Not so fast young grasshopper (who doesn’t love David Carradine).  Enter USDA Rural Housing..…
Q: What is USDA Rural Housing? A:  USDA Rural Housing Loans also called a Rural Development Loan, is a government insured home loan offering 100% financing to qualified buyers, allows for all closing costs to be paid for by the seller or financed into the loan (& the crowd goes wild!!). They … (22 comments)

financing: Mortgage Rates In King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting, Blue Bell PA: A Look Ahead the Week Of March 14,2011 - 03/14/11 04:18 PM
Mortgage Rates In King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting, Blue Bell PA: A Look Ahead the Week Of March 14,2011  
Mortgage markets opened a significantly better this morning. Look for Mortgage Rates To Decline.
In brief, the DOW is selling off due to the turmoil in Japan. With huge repair and infrastructure costs, plus the threat of Nuclear reactors, there is a flight to quality such as US Treasuries and Mortgage Backed Securities. See the chart below show the upward trend in Mortgage Markets, spelling lower mortgage rates in the King of Prussia, Plymouth Meeting, Blue Bell and surrounding markets. … (0 comments)

financing: For all of us that were born to fish but forced to work! :-) - 03/18/08 02:01 AM
Just a quick shout out to all of the real estate service professionals that were born to fish but forced to work!!  Striper season is right around the corner.  Last year I had a personal best with a 15 lb striper.  
Now I know, I know when it comes to stripers that pretty much sucks but hey, I really just started targeting them last year.  On the Jersey shore, we are starting to hear reports that they are coming in.  So let me know who you are, where you're at & what's your personal best for stripers or whatever you're targeting.  … (6 comments)

financing: The Optimized Website - Can Anyone Find You on the Web? - 03/17/08 05:28 AM


financing: Time Blocking - Put Balance Back into Your Life - 03/12/08 08:51 AM
Time BlockingPut Balance Back into Your Life Have you ever had your day end and wonder where it went? Have you ever been frustrated by how reactive you have been to "emergency" situations that significantly reduced your productivity?Many of us have experienced this to an excessive degree in our business practices. One of the greatest ways to eliminate the reactive state we find ourselves in is to practice the art of Time Blocking. Time Blocking is about scheduling your day with purpose, making sure the things you need to get done DO get done. This applies to work and personal activities. … (3 comments)

financing: The Google Effect - Learn About Your Prospect Before the Appointment - 03/12/08 08:50 AM
The Google EffectLearn About Your Prospect Before the Appointment! Do you know enough about your prospects and potential strategic partners when you meet for that first appointment?The Internet can tremendously aid your business in many different ways. One of the great benefits is Google, the world's leading search engine, aptly located at This search engine allows you to access a wealth of information about people-possibly those with whom you seek to form a relationship. Use this utility to research backgrounds on individuals prior to meeting with them.As sales people, we've been told, "Use your mouth less and your ears more," … (4 comments)

financing: Baby Boomers Retire - Reverse Mortgages Gain Popularity - 03/12/08 08:48 AM
Baby Boomers Retire Reverse Mortgages Gain Popularity Born between 1946-1964, the generation known as the Baby Boomers will begin to retire in large numbers, substantially shrinking the labor force in the US. As a result, Social Security, Medicare, and other government programs will be significantly affected over the next several years. In fact, the Social Security Advisory Board (SSAB) estimates that, by 2030, about 20% of the American population will be 65 years old or older.With rising costs of living and a dwindling budget to accommodate the elderly and disabled, we will see increased usage of the reverse mortgage. This loan … (0 comments)

financing: Getting the Best Interest Rate on Your Home Loan? A Qualified Mortgage Consultant Can Help Boost Credit Scores - 03/07/08 12:18 AM
Consumers interested in purchasing or refinancing a home will pay an interest rate based on current market conditions and their ability to pay back the loan. The borrower's income and debt ratios are taken into consideration by the lender, as well as the predictability factor provided by credit scoring. It's important to have a mortgage professional in your corner that has a keen eye for solutions to improving credit scores in an effort to get the best interest rate possible.
Interest rates associated with various loan programs are broken down into schedules based on credit score ratings. While each lender has … (0 comments)

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