home improvements: How To Stretch Home Improvement Dollars The Most - 01/27/21 08:31 AM
There are lots of homeowners who are looking for a way to improve the quality of their home while also increasing the value of their property. Unfortunately, a lot of home improvement ideas can be prohibitively expensive. It is not unusual for homeowners to spend six figures on a renovation project. On the other hand, there are also home improvement ideas that will not break the bank.
What are a few of the top ideas that homeowners should consider? 
Start With A Few Quality Ceiling Fans
First, homeowners should consider starting with a few quality ceiling fans. Because a lot of homeowners do not … (0 comments)

home improvements: The Benefits Of Adding An In-Law Apartment To A Home - 06/18/19 01:36 PM
One renovation that may add value to a home is an in-law apartment. Even if a homeowner does not have any relatives, an in-law apartment makes wonderful guest accommodations. It is possible to rent it when unoccupied to earn some money.
Homeowners who rent out part of a home need to check with their insurance agent to upgrade insurance to accommodate commercial use of a part of the home.
Additionally, a person staying in an in-law apartment, who is not a member of the owner’s household, may need to get renter’s insurance to cover any personal property kept in the in-law apartment.
Renovation Plans
An … (0 comments)

home improvements: Renovations That Improve Resale Value And Those That Don’t - 06/07/19 08:57 AM
Those who want to renovate a home usually do this to make it more spacious, improve its condition, and to add amenities. However, it is also important to consider if the renovation has the potential to add value to a home.
Unless the plan is to live in the same place for life, there is a strong likelihood that, at some point, the home will go on the market for sale. It is nice if it sells for a high price and there is some profit for the seller in the transaction.
It is not the amount spent on renovations that is the … (0 comments)

home improvements: 3 Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Home Renovation Project - 03/29/19 07:00 AM
The right home renovation strategy can increase property values and improve the comfort and utility of your space. However, your actions could have a harsh impact on our natural resources.
Here are several ways you can reduce your renovation’s effect on the environment.
Use Sustainable Products
Choose Earth-friendly materials for a greener build.
Try reclaimed flooring. Ask permission at construction sites or search internet exchange boards to find unwanted extras. With a little artistic imagination, you can turn those cast-offs into a unique visual display.Re-purpose existing material. Turn old doors into unique furniture pieces like tables and privacy shades to spruce up your new space.Pick … (0 comments)

home improvements: 14 Remodeling Projects That Increase the Value of Your Home - 03/22/19 01:03 PM
Your home is likely your largest investment. Beyond repairs and regular maintenance to keep it clean, comfortable, and safe, there are a number of projects that can increase the resale value of your property. These renovations top the list of changes you can make that positively impact your home’s value.
With the right strategy, your kitchen remodel could return up to 92.9% of your construction investment. The trick is to not overdo it. You don’t need to gut and rebuild the entire room. Instead, make strategic upgrades that increase the comfort and usability of the room.
Paint wooden cabinets or install new … (3 comments)

home improvements: 3 Green and Gorgeous Trends in Home Design - 02/06/19 02:00 PM
These days, people want energy-efficient homes that look great. To answer the call of passionate environmentalists, developer are rising to the occasion and designing home features that minimize waste, save energy and reuse reclaimed materials. The results are gorgeous, green homes that help move the sustainable living trend forward.
Hidden Solar Panels
Solar panels are a great way to save energy, but not everyone loves the optics. A series of solar panels on the roof may save you money on your utilities, but it can detract from the natural shape of your home. As an alternative, innovative in-roof solar panels are installed level … (0 comments)

home improvements: How To Choose Between Laminate And Hardwood Flooring - 12/20/18 01:03 PM
Picking out a new flooring can be exciting. After all, as anyone knows, new flooring in a home or business property can completely change the entire atmosphere. A common question asked by commercial and residential property owners is “Should I go with laminate or hardwood flooring?”
If you have found yourself asking this question, understand that both types of flooring materials each have their own pros and cons. For the most part, hardwood flooring tends to be more expensive than laminate but this isn’t always the case.
Let’s take a quick look at the benefits and disadvantages of laminate and hardwood flooring.
Pros And … (0 comments)

home improvements: 5 Things To Do This Fall To Get Ready For Winter - 09/26/18 12:23 PM
Simple home and yard tips don’t have to take a lot of time, but can save a lot of headaches if that first winter storm catches you unaware.
Here’s a checklist to help you prepare:
Assess Your Windows And Doors
Take a walk around your interior, preferably on a windy day. Check for drafts and air leaks; replace weatherstripping, align door thresholds. and repair window frames and sills if they’re damaged. If you have storm windows, make sure they’re ready to install. Replace the screens in a storm door with glass panels. Also check your garage door to make sure that it operates properly.
According … (0 comments)

home improvements: 4 Important Reasons To Install A Home Generator - 08/02/18 08:43 AM
Home improvements are key investments when it comes to quality of life and property value. While decks, solar panels and smart technologies are trendy options, installing a home generator may be even more valuable. That’s because backup generators not only improve market value, they also protect you and your home during severe weather incidents.
Consider these four reasons why a home generator makes good sense.
Protect Against Severe Weather
The impact of severe weather can reach catastrophic proportions. Thousands of people are left without electricity for days — even weeks — after storms. Heat waves also put an inordinate strain on the power grid … (1 comments)

home improvements: Home Updates That Make Good Multi-Generational Sense - 05/30/18 02:33 PM
Multi-generational households and the growing preference on the part of many retirees toward “aging in place”have altered home design in recent years. Interiors are more open, more functional and more adaptable that they were even a decade ago. Spaces tend to be less formal; living space is better integrated with work space like the kitchen, and rooms tend to serve more than once purpose, both for quiet pursuits and for family gatherings.
Universal Design
Home design has gained a new dimension — planning for the future and for a changing lifestyle. Universal design features and amenities that were once off the radar are now very much the … (1 comments)

home improvements: 4 Tips On Giving Your Mudroom A Makeover - 10/10/13 11:37 PM
4 Tips On Giving Your Mudroom A Makeover  
From crunched-up leaves stuck to bottoms of shoes to bulky coats shed as soon as kids walk through the door, mudrooms are ideal for keeping outdoor dirt, wet clothing and outerwear from being strewn throughout your home.
Mudrooms not only keep the rest of your house clean, but they also designate a spot for those last-minute grabs, such as coats, umbrellas and purses, when you’re running out the door.
These rooms are great catchalls. However, an organized mudroom can make your life and those hectic mornings much less stressful. Below are smart … (2 comments)

home improvements: Do Fence Me In! Great Tips on Fencing Your Yard - 10/04/13 12:22 AM
Do Fence Me In! Great Tips on Fencing Your Yard
Whether you just got a puppy, have newly mobile children or built a pool, there are a multitude of reasons for wanting to keep people and animals in your yard, while preventing others from entering.
Picking the perfect fence can be difficult, so below we’ve outlined the main fencing materials to choose from and characteristics to consider about each.
Wood seems to be the most common material used in yards across the country — especially when wanting privacy. Depending on the type of wood you purchase, you’ll probably want … (1 comments)

home improvements: How To Create The Perfect Garage Workshop - 09/05/13 11:33 PM
How To Create The Perfect Garage Workshop Most men, and even handy women, dream of a perfectly organized work space where their tools are orderly and they can tackle that list of home DIY projects.
However, renovations can get put on hold because there’s not a designated place to work. Tools are usually scattered throughout closets and the kitchen table serves as a workbench.
You can create a space for all of your improvement projects by turning a section of your garage into a construction-friendly, wonderfully organized haven for your tools and home makeover endeavors.
Below are easy steps to building … (1 comments)

home improvements: 7 Simple Steps To Finish Your Basement This Holiday Weekend - 08/30/13 05:10 AM
7 Simple Steps To Finish Your Basement This Holiday Weekend Not only does the Labor Day weekend signal a little time off work, but it also indicates a close to the summer season, which means it’s time to get ready for colder weather.
So get in the spirit of the long weekend and put the labor of love into your home by creating a cozy hideaway that your family can retreat to once the outdoors become too chilly.
One of the best places to create this snug space is to mimic hibernating animals and go under ground — to the basement.

home improvements: Can The Right Color Help Sell Your Home Faster? - 05/04/13 01:12 PM
Can The Right Color Help Sell Your Home Faster?
When it comes to selling your home in King of Prussia , you've probably thought of the most common staging tricks, such as clearing out the clutter to make your rooms look bigger and bringing in more light to brighten things up.
However, have you considered that the colors in your house might affect whether buyers are interested?
First impressions are everything when you are selling a house, so think about how the colors you choose will likely influence your potential buyers. A new coat of paint could be a simple … (1 comments)

home improvements: How To Spot And Treat Mold In Your Home - 03/21/13 11:51 PM
How To Spot And Treat Mold In Your Home
The first sign of mold you notice may be a musty smell in your home.
After looking around, you spot what looks like mold -- don't panic!
You can remove unhealthy mold from your house without it costing a small fortune.
Check To Be Sure It's Really Mold
Mold can look many different ways, which depends on the type.
Some are grayish-white or black and can look like a dirty smudge.
If you're in doubt that a spot is mold, you can do a test with chlorine bleach.
Simply put … (6 comments)

home improvements: Help Your Home Office Shine When Selling Your Property - 02/27/13 01:17 PM

Help Your Home Office Shine When Selling Your Property With telecommuting continuing to rise, and with more jobs requiring after-hours attention, showcasing your home's "home office" can help it show better with a prospective home buyer. 
It's wise to have your kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms show well, but a great-looking home office can make a huge impact and help you sell your home more quickly.
Here are a few tips to helping your home office shine :
Designate The Right Space 
Whether it's a spare bedroom or a computer nook, specify a separate place at which business is done. Make sure … (0 comments)

home improvements: 5 Power Saving Ideas That Can Lower Your Energy Bill - 02/22/13 04:06 AM
5 Power Saving Ideas That Can Lower Your Energy Bill
How to Save Money on Energy Costs in Your Home

Many communities in Pennsylvania and around the US are seeing their energy costs increase; sometimes dramatically.
Whether you are energy conscious or just trying to save money, there are many steps you can take to lower your Collegeville home bills while helping the environment at the same time.
Below are several energy-saving measures to help you save money either in your current house or future residence. 
Heating and cooling
Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature uses more energy … (2 comments)

home improvements: How To Paint Your Home's Exterior Walls - 02/06/13 10:45 PM
How To Paint Your Home's Exterior Walls
When preparing to sell a home, few things improve its curb appeal more than a fresh coat of exterior paint.  
Many people are intimidated by the thought of painting their home's exterior, and choose to hire a third-party to handle the work. But, you can do it yourself, with these easy steps.
First, before starting, you'll want to inspect your home. Examine all walls, look under the eaves, and pay attention to door frames and windows.  Be on the lookout for peeling paint, mildew and rough surfaces and make a note of them.
Next, … (2 comments)

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