home selling: Renovations That Improve Resale Value And Those That Don’t - 06/07/19 08:57 AM
Those who want to renovate a home usually do this to make it more spacious, improve its condition, and to add amenities. However, it is also important to consider if the renovation has the potential to add value to a home.
Unless the plan is to live in the same place for life, there is a strong likelihood that, at some point, the home will go on the market for sale. It is nice if it sells for a high price and there is some profit for the seller in the transaction.
It is not the amount spent on renovations that is the … (0 comments)

home selling: Can I Sell A House That Still Needs Repairs? - 05/15/19 08:49 AM
When you started thinking about putting your house up for sale, you probably made a list of repairs that need to be done ahead of time. If that list was long, you might be at a point where you’re asking if it’s all worth it. Will prospective buyers really notice the little things? And even if they do, will that affect how much you’re able to get for your home?
You Can Sell An Imperfect House
Your house doesn’t need to be perfect in order to sell it. Many older homes have some issues like outdated kitchens and bathrooms or wall-to-wall carpeting that … (0 comments)

home selling: The Economics Of Going Green For Home Sales - 04/30/19 02:30 PM
Earth Day is celebrated each year in April to remind us all of the benefits of ecologically-sound living that is more in harmony with Mother Earth. There is quite a bit of positive news when it comes to going “green.” There are significant benefits for home sales.
Green homes may sell faster and for higher prices. Many people are willing to pay more for a green home in order to receive the long-term benefits of the savings on utility costs.
The Numbers Are Very Appealing
AHS reports many encouraging statistics. The estimates are about one-third of the real estate market for single family homes … (1 comments)

home selling: 8 Curb Appeal Tips for Selling Your Home Fast - 04/24/19 11:27 AM
From small touches such as new lighting to larger efforts such as tiling the porch or stoop, creating curb appeal is one of the best investments you can make to resell your home fast.
Here are eight ideas to maximize curb your appeal.
Landscaping Is Critical For The First Impression
Cut Back Trees and Shrubs. Landscaping should enhance your house, not overwhelm it. Trimming can bring impressive results. If you don’t have a steady hand, leave it to a professional or handy relative. Manicure Your Lawn. A freshly mowed lawn is a must the week before a showing. Be sure to trim and edge … (0 comments)

home selling: When Is The Best Time To Do Your Roof Maintenance? - 04/12/19 08:41 AM
Perform roof maintenance on sunny days when there’s less chance of slipping. Blocking off a weekend twice a year gives you plenty of time to complete the items below without rushing or taking unnecessary risks. The beginning of spring and fall present the best opportunities to complete your maintenance before the weather turns too hot or too cold.
Loose Debris Removal
Remove leaves, branches and accumulated debris before winter sets in. Set up a ladder, preferably with another person holding the ladder steady, and clean off as much debris as possible without risking your safety.
General Inspection
Start in the attic or crawl space by … (0 comments)

home selling: Staging Your Home: Here Are Your Self-Storage Options - 04/10/19 12:08 PM
If you’re staging your home to sell, you may find yourself with more stuff than space. Rather than selling possessions that you’d rather not part with, you can put your things into short-term storage until your home sells and you’re able to move.
Here are some options you have when choosing and using a self storage unit.
Climate Controlled Or Not
Climate controlled units are located inside buildings. They could be compared to an apartment building, except instead of housing people, these storage buildings house belongings. Inside, they are powered with electricity and a temperature control that is temperate.
The advantage of a climate controlled … (0 comments)

home selling: 3 Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Home Renovation Project - 03/29/19 07:00 AM
The right home renovation strategy can increase property values and improve the comfort and utility of your space. However, your actions could have a harsh impact on our natural resources.
Here are several ways you can reduce your renovation’s effect on the environment.
Use Sustainable Products
Choose Earth-friendly materials for a greener build.
Try reclaimed flooring. Ask permission at construction sites or search internet exchange boards to find unwanted extras. With a little artistic imagination, you can turn those cast-offs into a unique visual display.Re-purpose existing material. Turn old doors into unique furniture pieces like tables and privacy shades to spruce up your new space.Pick … (0 comments)

home selling: Case-Shiller Home Price Growth Slower in January - 03/28/19 01:53 PM
Home price indices issued by S&P Case-Shiller showed further slowing in home price growth in January. The national home price index showed 4.30 percent home price growth for the three months ended in January. Analysts expected home prices to grow 4.20 percent for the same period in cities surveyed by Case-Shiller. More cities reported declines in home prices than those that posted gains in home prices.
The top cities posting year-over-year home price gains in the 20-City Home Price Index were Las Vegas, Nevada with 10.50 percent growth; Phoenix, Arizona posted a year-over-year home price gain of 7.50 percent. Three cities tied … (0 comments)

home selling: 6 Ways to Fight Foreclosure - 03/13/19 11:27 AM
Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Despite the best intentions, there are times when it’s impossible for homeowners to fulfill their mortgage obligations. When your misfortune turns into a foreclosure notice, these tips will help you control the situation and realize the best outcome.
Work With Your Lender
Open the lines of communication with your lender to stall the foreclosure process.
Call your lender and explain your predicament. Give them specific details about the nature and estimated length of your circumstances. Many lenders are willing to temporarily modify payment terms to temporarily accommodate certain hardships.Apply for a loan modification. If your credit rating has … (1 comments)

home selling: How To Keep Your Pets Safe During Your Home Sale - 02/08/19 12:37 PM
If you have pet, you probably wonder what you can do to keep them safe after you decide to put your home up for sale. With all the disruption going on during a home sale, it’s all too easy for pets to get lost, frightened or even injured. Learn how to keep your beloved pets safe during your home sale.
Provide An Oasis During Repair Work
Most home sellers make a few repairs before allowing agents to show the home for sale. In some cases, repairs can be extensive, leading to a lot of construction materials, tools and strange new items in the home. This can … (0 comments)

home selling: 5 Home Renovations That Really Raise Values - 01/25/19 01:26 PM
There are many home renovation projects that can increase the comfort and visual appeal of a dwelling. Owners who plan to sell their home in the future, however, prefer to focus on projects that will return a healthy profit at closing.
Here are 5 renovation projects that positively impact a home’s resale value.
It’s easy for real estate agents to convince buyers to bid higher on properties with more bedrooms. Redesign the attic to easily add an extra bedroom without committing to a major construction project. This strategy works well for smaller homes or those in neighborhoods with multiple homes for sale. Converting … (0 comments)

home selling: Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter - 01/24/19 11:01 AM
Winter typically isn’t one of the busier home buying seasons – those seasons are reserved for spring and summer. But to think that you can’t sell your home at market value during the winter months is being naive. In fact, you can even use some of the characteristics that define the season to your advantage.
For instance, because winter isn’t a hot selling season, there’s typically less inventory during this time of year. That said, if your home stands out in the listings, you have a better chance of getting on that coveted “short list” of buyers.
Here’s a look at some tips … (2 comments)

home selling: Complete These Repairs Before You List Your Home - 01/23/19 11:15 AM
There are several things to do when you prepare to list your home for sale. One of the projects you’ll need to do is complete certain repairs. Your home should be in the best possible condition before your real estate agent shows it to potential buyers.
While your home doesn’t need to be perfect, here is a list of repairs you should strive to get done before you open your home to showings.
Front Steps And Deck Issues
The front entrance and back deck should be in good shape for curb appeal and safety. Replace or repair wooden steps that pose a danger or … (2 comments)

home selling: Strategies For Buying And Selling A Home At The Same Time - 01/16/19 01:26 PM
If you’re already a homeowner and you’re getting ready to buy a new home, you know it’s tricky to buy and sell a home at the same time. There are lots of questions about how to handle this scenario. What if your old home doesn’t sell quickly?
Will you have to make two mortgage payments? What if you sell and the new owners want to move in before you close on your new home?
Depending on your situation, here are some strategies available to you.
Get A Bridge Loan
If you find yourself facing more than one mortgage payment – one on your old house … (0 comments)

home selling: Top 5 Ways To Pick A High Quality Real Estate Agent - 01/09/19 11:36 AM
Your real estate agent can be the difference between a successful home buy and a bad purchase. Take a look at the characteristics of a good real estate agent and how you should vet your next partner in real estate.
Does the real estate agent immediately tell you to give up your rights to audit a home for a quicker sale? You may want to move on. The best real estate agents realize how big of a commitment a home is, and they are willing to walk you through the process at whatever pace you are comfortable with.
Localized Knowledge
There are major differences … (1 comments)

home selling: 3 Things You Need To Know About Divorce And Homeownership - 12/04/18 01:32 PM
Divorce can be an incredibly emotional and financially stressful time. Questions about what happens to assets and the family home add to the anxiety. Each state has divorce laws that differ and that can complicates decision-making.
For example, marital assets are distributed differently in community property states from equitable distribution ones. The idea of 50-50 splits may be a myth because judges have the discretion to deviate from even percentages. That being said, these are three things you should know about homeownership when contemplating divorce.
Who Gets The House?
This often ranks as the biggest question among divorcing spouses. Many years ago, it was … (0 comments)

home selling: 5 Reasons To Sell Your Home This Fall - 10/24/18 11:33 AM
Though the real estate business never stops, most people associate its busy periods of the year with the spring and summer seasons. And while this is true to a large extent, those who think that selling a home in the fall is a bad decision are sorely mistaken.
Just as families want to get into new homes before the school year starts, which makes spring and summer busy seasons, there’s also an urgency to get into new homes prior to the holiday season. It’s one of the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to list your home in the fall season.
Here’s a look … (0 comments)

home selling: Fall Outdoor Lighting Tips - 10/11/18 11:56 AM
Many people associate the fall months with cooler temperatures and changing colors. But another defining characteristic of fall is that the days become shorter. Yes, there’s limited daylight, as the sun rises later and sets earlier.
Noting this, it’s important to take any exterior lighting into consideration if you’re listing your home this fall. It’s important because you want your home to have a welcoming vibe to it, but with the potential for showings to occur in limited daylight, some modifications and new light installations may be necessary in order for it to stand out. What’s more is that exterior lighting can … (0 comments)

home selling: Case-Shiller: Home Prices Hit 11-Month Low in July - 10/03/18 11:05 AM
Home price growth slowed to its lowest pace in nearly a year according to the Case-Shiller Home Price Indices. National home price growth averaged 6.00 percent year-over-year as compared to 6.20 percent growth in June.
The 20-city home price index rose 0.10 percent in July to a seasonally adjusted rate of 5.90 percent year-over-year. Slowing home price growth was attributed to buyer fatigue and rising inventories of available homes.
Las Vegas Home Price Growth Tops 20-City Home Price Index
Las Vegas, Nevada topped the 20-City Home Price index with a year-over-year home price growth rate of 13.70 percent. Las Vegas home prices crashed during … (0 comments)

home selling: 3 Key Advantages Of Listing Your House This Fall - 09/18/18 02:31 PM
Homeowners looking to maximize their return on investment often want to know what season best achieves that goal. Getting near or full asking price can be influenced by a wide range of factors, including market trends, inventory and interest rates to name a few.
It will come as good news to know there are strong indicators that this fall has unique listing advantages. That means listing a home this fall could help sellers get the price they want.
1: Inventory Remains Very Tight
The rules of supply and demand apply equally to the housing market and there are not enough homes to go around.
The … (0 comments)

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