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Many years ago in a market far, far a way, I started planting seeds in a place called ActiveRain.  The market was very slow then which allowed for many the blog post from my keyboard.  What I didn't realize was the seeds that I was planting back then would blossom into something truly amazing som...
  ComEd's  Michael McMahon, Vice President of Smart Grid Technology spoke to the Darien City Council last night about the upcoming Smart Meter Installation in the summer of 2016.  The council chambers was near capacity as residents from Darien and neighboring communities listened to Mr McMahon's ...
I decided to take another stab at heading up a meet up even though there was a scheduled meetup already in my area.  The other meetup ultimately  cancelled for lack of interest but I was determined to have a successful meetup no matter what.   My meetup was a lunchtime event at Millers Ale House ...
  One is sure to stop their house hunting after walking through this sought after Clearing raised ranch that has oak cabinets, window over the kitchen sink, brand new carpeting, freshly painted and a short distance to the 63rd St bus stop that travels to the Orange Line and Midway Airport. This ...
  The City of Darien’s motto is “It’s a nice place to live” however it’s becoming a not so nice place to smell.  My neighbors dog Lilly wanted to play with Pepe Le Pew and got to know Pepe got his name. My dog Charlie met Pepe twice last year.   When Charlie first met Pepe we  inspected him while...
  It’s that time of the year where I stop getting regular haircuts and beg everyday for money.  Now some of you that know I work with a homeless ministry on Saturday’s might be thinking I’ve joined more than the ministry with that line but the truth is every year for the past five years I shave ...
Procrastination Has a Price With the real estate market continuing to recover gradually there are still people who are set in waiting until the perfect moment to buy a home. I think the perfect time to buy is now and let me take a moment to show you why I say that.The average sales price for a ho...
    Another year has come and another one gone  Let's take a look back it shouldn't take too long.   The Super Bowl showed us some brotherly love The Harbaugh's in action with John a cut above.   Pope Benedict departed from being our Pope Making room for Francis, the churches new hope.   Explosio...
When I hear people say that social media is a waste of time I just shake my head.  I'll explain to them why I use it and how I use it but it goes in one ear and out the next without stopping. Today the defense rests: Barb Van Dyke Dembraski Can anyone recommend a really good, ambitious, enthusias...
Did you ever hear the saying " if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and looks like a duck then it must me a duck"?  I have heard that saying as well and for the most part believe it is true on some levels. I recently  learned however that this doesn't necessarily work on appraisals. Last w...

Joe Kenny

Better Than Your Average Joe
Does a Realtor have any value when a buyer is purchasing a home?