quicken loans: Refinance and Save Money to Help Reduce Holiday Bills - 12/29/10 03:22 AM
While refinancing your home loan may not be at the top of your to-do list this holiday season, maybe it should be.  Many residents across the country carry a mortgage with a high interest rate unnecessarily.  While rates have been fluctuating over the last few weeks, it's important to note that they are still favorable for consumers and for many, today's rates are a full percentage or more below the rate they currently hold.  That difference could be savings of hundreds of dollars now that could be used to ease other bills and thousands of dollars over the life of the … (2 comments)

quicken loans: Buy a Home When You Are Financially Ready - 12/03/10 09:08 AM
Thinking about purchasing a home?  Before you contact a realtor or make a mortgage inquiry, take some time to review your financial situation.  The news is flooded with stories of folks who were not prepared for a change in their monthly mortgage payment or were faced with a  job loss.  I've been asked about the long-term effects of foreclosure and how it impacts finances and the value of homes in a neighborhood.  I've addressed some of these concerns via Quicken Loans' Watch-It Wednesday video series, but I'm also offering some advice below which can help you avoid becoming part of the … (6 comments)

quicken loans: Ensure Stability with a Fixed-Rate Mortgage - 09/30/10 06:57 AM

We've all been hit by the recession. We've seen home prices fall.  And depending on where you live, it's not getting any easier to find a job. The slowing economy doesn't have people feeling too confident about their own financial situations.
So what's the good news?
Mortgage interest rates are at record-lows. Really, rates haven't been this low since Eisenhower took office in the 50's! This has resulted in a significant jump in the number of people refinancing their home loans. The opportunity to lock-in a lower monthly payment with these historic mortgage rates is one that you should not … (3 comments)

quicken loans: The Right Loan for the First-Time Home Buyer - 09/23/10 08:32 AM
If you're thinking about buying your first home you may be having second thoughts because of these tough economic times. You're not alone. It's no secret that many people are unsure of their financial futures. This uncertainty, along with a lack of confidence in the economy, has families cutting back and saving more (which we should be!)
Don't let the current economic situation get you down. There is a bright spot in these tough times.
Mortgage rates are at historic lows. Really, rates haven't been this low since Eisenhower was president in the 50's! This has created a unique opportunity to lock-in … (0 comments)

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