real estate: What Is A "Fair Commission" For A Real Estate Broker? - 07/13/10 09:05 AM
Commissions - that is how we make our living and pay our bills and it is the first thing that goes on the "chopping block" when monies need to be "saved" in a transaction.  Lawyers aren't asked to reduce their fees, and no one ever disputes any other fees it is the Broker who takes "the haircut" in order to "save the deal."  So what is a "Fair commission"?
Generally, land deals are a flat ten percent unless the price point is in the millions of dollars, then it will be reduced.  For commercial real estate sales I charge six percent; the … (2 comments)

real estate: Are Lenders Lending? - 11/22/09 01:16 PM
That seems to be the question a lot of Commercial and Business Brokers, as well as the Residential Realtors with listings  priced over $200,000, are asking themselves.  Whether it is a commercial property buyer with a 720 FICO, restaurant experience, and a 25% downpayment who cannot get a restaurant property financed because the lenders "would rather not finance a restaurant", a commercial property buyer who is not willing to put a $350,000 downpayment on a million dollar building, or gas station owner who can't sell his business even though he has tax returns substantiating ten years of consistent, and increasing, revenues … (1 comments)

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