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New Construction In The Tallahassee Real Estate Market One bit of data that I pull every month is the Leon County Single Family Permit and Sales figures. We can look at the relationship between sales and permits to determine how new construction inventories are doing. We can also track trends. Th...
Is this a move-up market? Yesterday we had someone wanting to buy a home in Tallahassee come in to the office for a consultation. She was concerned that with everything she has read in the paper and online about the "soft real estate market", that maybe it was not the right time for her to move f...
Every month I report on the average prices in the Tallahassee Real Estate Market. With the September numbers now completed, we see that our average prices are holding pretty well, with the exception of lot sales. The key to remember is that we have come through a booming market and we expected to...
Last month I posted a blog about supply and demand in the Tallahassee Real Estate Market. I decided to run a trend line for Single Family Inventory (SF), Condo/Townhome Inventory (CT), and then compare them with our sales trend of all similar properties. This is the newly updated release of that ...
I figured a great way to start a new week would be to discuss the concept of seasonality. The Tallahassee Real Estate Market, like any other industry or market, experiences different levels of sales during the different times of the year. This effect is known as Seasonality. We measure seasonalit...
Here is a quick update of year versus year by property types for the Tallahassee Real Estate Market. I have tracked Single Family sales (annotated by SF) and Condo/Townhome Sales (Annotated by CT). As you can see, each month this year has been lower than its corresponding month from last year. Th...
Getting Your Tallahassee Home Sold In Today's Real Estate Market Many times a home owner, when trying to sell a home in Tallahassee, is given ideas by many family members, friends, business acquaintances, Realtors, Builders and others in their life about what they need to do to sell a home. In or...
Northeast Tallahassee - Inventory Levels Not So Bad The Northeast quadrant of Tallahassee (Area 1 in the MLS) has shown to have the best response to the current market. It has been the least affected area in Leon County in terms of the number of homes that are selling, so I decided to look and se...
BROUGHT TO YOU FROM YOUR FRIENDS AT THE DEPARTMENT OF REDUNDANCY DEPARTMENT   (T-SHIRTS AVAILABLE IN THE LOBBY)This is a follow-up to my previous post on Follow-up.Here are four methods that you can use to make your follow up more effective.1. Post-sale feed-backAfter completing deals with your c...
High End Homes In Tallahassee Yesterday I reported on affordable housing in Tallahassee, so today I will cover the other end of the market. For this research, I included all areas of the Tallahassee Board of Realtors Multiple Listing Service (Leon, Jefferson, Gadsden, Franklin and Wakulla Countie...

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