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  One key trend to pay attention to in any local real estate market is the movement of the sales success trend. What this measures is the total number of home sold divided by the total of homes listed (put on the market) during the same period of time. Continued Here For Brief Explanation of the ...
Keeping a watchful eye on home inventory trends in your local real estate market will allow you to be one-up on your competition, whether you are selling a home, buying a home, or work in the real estate brokerage business. The following real estate graph shows short-term trends and the long-term...
Five months in a row we have seen year over year home sales improve in Florida. This is good. This is wonderful. But this has not yet made it uphill to Tallahasseee. Last week we reported in the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog that Tallahassee had just experienced 31 straight months of year-over-ye...
  Everybody always wants to know “How is the real estate market?” I think the answers can be found through prudent research and a simple study of the current supply and demand elements in any given market. While real estate is local, you can use the Tallahassee real estate market as a fair microc...
With all the new information floating around the internet about the First-Time Homebuyer Federal Income Tax Credit, I figured a quick summary and a dynamite link to an explanation page was in order. Last week, our new President signed the American Recovery And Reinvestment Act of 2009, which incl...
  I received a question from a reader that I felt would make a terrific topic for a blog post. “Joyce M.” wrote We will be looking to buy later this year sometime and don’t want to over-pay. Property taxes are not low in Tallahassee. What are the best neighborhoods [safety, value, upscale] for ho...
One statistic that I like to examine each month in the Tallahassee real estate market is how we performed in the recent month versus the same month the previous year. Unfortunately for Leon County, Florida, we have seen a record 31 straight months of declines in our home sales.   For more charts...
  I have to chuckle when I read the occasional blog or report that shows “activity growing” in the housing market. One key metric to understand for any real estate market is the local affect of seasonality on that market. Over many years of measuring, one can understand how each month of the year...
Keeping a vigilant eye on the home supply situation in Leon County, Florida helps us identify changes in the real estate market as they occur. One such trend to track is the short-term inventory trend, which has been showing growth since early February. [Click Image To Enlarge] For more charts, ...
I was curious about how the current supply of homes for sale in Tallahassee would appear against demand for the past. If you follow the information on the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, then you know that the current supply of homes in Tallahassee is a little over 12 months worth at current demand...

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