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The time has come again to look at Tallahassee neighborhoods to see what is happening. We like to do this every month or so in order to identify the hottest selling subdivisions in Tallahassee, as well as see if any trends are occurring. We compiled all of the existing home sales in Tallahassee (...
Reader feedback is the heart and soul of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, and today we’ll focus on a lengthy reply to perhaps the most trafficked real estate blog that we have posted in over a year. A little more than a month ago, I wrote an analogy of the current real estate market entitled “Re...
We’ve been watching the lis pendens filings stack up for quite some time, knowing that foreclosures would eventually have to follow. It appears that the time is upon us. Banks now seem to be making the decision to follow through on the foreclosures that were previously just being shelved. Tallaha...
Last week, I reported that we had seen an uptick in the daily homes sales in the Tallahassee MLS, and we had seen a significant 5 week uptick in the pending sales in the Tallahassee MLS, so I was anxiously awaiting the sales data to see how we did in August versus 1 year ago. If you have followed...
  It is hard to believe today is the 8th anniversary of 9-11. I can vividly remember that day, as those of us in the office gathered around a tv set and watched in horror as the terrorists guided the aircraft into key targets in the Northeast. These tragic events marked the end of an era for our ...
Great title. It really makes you think about how our decision making process has changed.I've run into several sellers this year who really want to move, but their house isn't worth what it used to be and they'll lose money if they sell. They're not upside down and can afford to take the loss, bu...
  Yesterday, I received an insightful question regarding the shadow inventory of homes in Tallahassee from a reader “Garrett” who asked: I’d like to hear your thoughts as to whether there is a substantial “shadow inventory” of homes in Tallahassee at the moment? By shadow inventory I mean housing...
  One of the neat things about blogging and internet marketing is that we can monitor the origination point for each visitor to our Tallahassee Real Estate Blog. It might surprise you to know that we have had visitors from over 160 different countries and visits from every State in the Union. Whe...
  Every month when we’ve assembled the updated data on Tallahassee home sales, we create the Leon County Home Inventory Report and make it available for download from the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site. This month brings us good news with the relative supply of homes dropping for the first time...
As I was assembling the 12th Edition of the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter (which goes out to all subscribers later this morning), I was happy to find that there were good signs showing up in many of my reports. For the past three years, we have been reporting nothing but declining home sales...

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