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  A good reminder to update your google profile page. Thanks to Bill I'm current again!   I just read a very interesting article over at Web Pro News that talks about how Google will now be incorporating your social network connections as a factor in delivering search results! As Chris Crum, a wr...
  I was having a discussion yesterday with a great real estate agent (Bill Peck) who was lamenting to me that his home buyers had received three Good Faith Estimates (GFE) from different mortgage companies and they were much more scattered in their estimates than we have traditionally seen. For t...
  Yesterday, I picked up my Mom and went to the Tallahassee City Commission meeting in order to see how our Commissioners were going to handle some hot issues that weighed heavily in their laps. For those of you who personally know me, I am so apolitical that I rarely pay much attention to what o...
  I was having a conversation yesterday with a very intelligent person about the value of their home. It was during this conversation that I was reminded that while I think about the home valuation process quite often, most people do not. There are many homes for sale in Tallahassee, and determin...
  The 25th of each month is the day when we get to see the latest existing-home sales report that is published by the National Association of REALTORS®, so it is a day marked on my calendar for monthly action. I always look forward to both reading the report as well as reading and hearing the int...
  Often times, we see something wrong and there is nothing we can do about it. So many things are beyond our control that we learn to live with much of what we long ago learned was wrong. But sometimes, we can step up to do the right thing; to right a wrong. This is one of those times. As Tallaha...
Tallahassee has a lot of subdivisions for the number of homes in town. In 2009, there were home sales recorded in 806 of these Tallahassee neighborhoods (legally called Subdivisions). I decided to take a fairly quick look to see which neighborhoods were selling the most properties. I went to the ...
  As we continue to get settled in on the new Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site, we hope to establish some great reporting patterns for our different readers to key in on. One big goal is to tackle a reporting schedule for all of the different housing reports that we maintain. If you haven’t check...
It has been almost four weeks since we launched the new version of the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site and we have received many greatly appreciated compliments, comments, recommendations, and questions. We love the compliments, but the recommendations and questions help guide us in our future m...
When the St. Joe Company decided to start its Southwood Development in Tallahassee, the company issued statements (press releases) that included various numbers of reasons why it felt Tallahassee would enjoy growth and prosperity in the future. Most importantly, it outlined the  target market for...

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