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If you want to know which homes in Tallahassee are selling, you have two major sources of information that can give you the answers you seek. The Leon County Property Appraiser records all home sales in Tallahassee, and is the best source if you want totals, but the Tallahassee MLS is also an imp...
My REALTOR® friend Barry Rose read yesterday's article in REALTOR® Magazine about the real estate shadow inventory and wondered what I thought. The number of homes in the shadows, as measured by CoreLogic, is falling. They basically calculated the number of new foreclosure sales and compared it w...
I was driving my 11 year old son Max to his football game yesterday and he mentioned that they were studying "Music History" in school. He went on to mention that they went all the way back to the 1960s ... I told him that wasn't music history, that was still pop music! We discussed the music pro...
We have been keeping an eye on REO and short sales in Tallahassee, wondering if there was going to be a gradual rise in distressed property sales as the year comes to a close. Our list of REO and short sale homes for sale in Tallahassee has remained fairly stable, but the same cannot be said for ...
It's time for another update on home sales in Indian Head Acres, and for the most part, this is good news. Though home prices and values are still declining in Indian Head Acres (as are all homes for sale in Tallahassee), the good news is that the rate of sales appears to be returning to normal. ...
Home sellers who are trying to wait for better days are very wise if they have the staying power, but are going to be greatly disappointed if they must sell a home in the next few years. By measuring the trend of home sellers who choose to not re-enter the market, we can get a feel for the level ...
Very recent activity in the Pending Home Sales Index shows signs of positive movement. Remember, when we look at a 365 day trend, it shows the real market activity with seasonality removed (each point on the graph represents one entire year), thus when we observe the market rising, it is not beca...
For 8 of the past 9 months, Tampa home sales continue to outshine their performance in 2010. The number of homes selling each month in Tampa has been gaining strength since September 2008, and the August home sales report shows another great month. There were 18% more homes sold this year in Augu...
If you are thinking about whether or not to sell a home in Tallahassee, you must first understand your true motivation for wanting to sell. When I first meet with a prospective home seller at my office, my most critical task is to determine the motivation level of the homeowner. While it might no...
Our in-depth study of the Tampa housing market has led me to pursue a more thorough understanding of “why” the Tampa real estate market appears to be rebounding faster than the rest of the State of Florida. Today’s two real estate graphs shed some light on the two faces of the Tampa real estate m...

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