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We have been tracking the real estate market on a daily basis and reporting the rise and fall of the recovery due to the Federal Government getting involved in the mortgage market and real estate market. Our readers have tendered several questions on this subject, and recently “Harry” asked the f...
  2010 represents the third year that we have been tracking foreclosures in Tallahassee, so we have some history in which to compare 2010 foreclosures and we can identify some key trends. This report contains a list of all Tallahassee foreclosures that were filed (lis pendens) in 2010 and has som...
ActiveRain and Kodak have created a video contest in an attempt to get more rainer's using video. This parallel's a major goal of mine for 2011, so I have created a Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on my website, and a new channel on YouTube ( My fi...
One statistic that we have been maintaining at The Market Bulletin is a measurement that we refer to as the “Sales Success Rate.”  Recently, the one-year trend has dropped from a two-year high, after returning from a low of 30% reached in June of 2009. By dividing the total number of closed sales...
With 20 years of home sales data to review, it is sad to see that 2010 surpassed 2009 as the worst year on record. What makes this even worse than what we can see in the real estate graphs below is that our population is roughly 20% larger today than it was in 1991. The relative drop in the marke...
Real estate supply and demand figures are stifling home builders in their attempt to re-enter the housing market in Tallahassee. Even after coming off of two years of historic lows in new home starts, home builders are finding that the market is still way over supplied with inventory from existin...
  I sometimes find it difficult understanding housing reports that are published or reported by the national news media, and apparently I am not alone. You see, most of the national reports that appear on the television and in print are a synopsis of monthly reports by the National Association of...
  I recently received an email from a reader who is a homeowner having problems trying to figure out what to do with an upside-down home. The saddest thing about this email is that such requests are not uncommon in today’s housing market. Here is what “EG” has to say: I have a house that I owe $1...
The following is the philosophy of Charles Schulz, the creator of the ‘Peanuts’ comic strip (as sent to me in a viral email). I did nothing to check the validity of the source, it just made so much sense I thought it was worth spreading the message. It starts off with a few simple questions. You ...
  The Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter went out to 1,547 people who subscribe last week, and our list of subscribers keeps growing. We have now published 34 editions of the newsletter and 14 editions of our “Weekly Special” real estate report. Readers are giving a lot of positive feedback (and ...


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