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If you have been looking for a current real estate report for Tallahassee Florida, then you have found your destination. While I strongly recommend you subscribe to the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter to be kept informed of the happenings in the Tallahassee Real Estate Market, this single arti...
Today's homebuyer is especially cautious, so let's review some of our best house buying advice to help you avoid making some big mistakes. We all know that the real estate market has been rocked. Tallahassee home values have been falling for more than five years, and the bottom is not yet appeari...
If you are trying to sell a house in Tallahassee, you must understand that your competition is changing rapidly due to the growth of foreclosed homes in Tallahassee. Even bigger than the supply of these bank-held assets are the short sales which are trying to avoid becoming foreclosed homes in Ta...
Most people understand that the rate of sales in any real estate market changes throughout the year, but did you know it was possible to use the seasonality of home sales in order to forecast your local expectations? By measuring the seasonality of home sales each year, we can identify the times ...
If you want to sell a home in Tallahassee (or anywhere else for that matter), then you better ensure that you have a handle on realty supply and demand. The real estate market is no different from any other market, and the housing supply and demand situation is going to determine the direction an...
One of the most sought after topics on our website involves foreclosures in Tallahassee and how the impact of distressed properties for sale in Tallahassee is impacting our housing market. While long-time readers of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog know that they can always find timely updates on...
Imagine, you are upset with lousy service, so you go to Google and search for "short sale Realtor Tallahassee Florida." Hopefully, you choose the link that brings you to the leader in Tallahassee short sales. Unfortunately, many have found other ways to search for a short sale Realtor Tallahassee...
So you've been trying to sell a home for quite some time, and you finally have the home under contract. Considering only 45% of home sellers over the past year have succeeded in selling their homes, you feel relieved to know that you will be joining that all-to-exclusive group. But would you be s...
If you wade through all the rhetoric that most people who report on housing spew, you will find that most US housing markets are still dealing with real estate depreciation. And just to make sure that I am not lumped in with everybody else, let me simplify the term "real estate depreciation" and ...
I have been seeking a Tallahassee neighborhood for which I could report something different than all of our recent housing reports, and Barrington Park Condos in Tallahassee, Florida provides the relief that I have been seeking. Could it be possible to find a niche; a community in Tallahassee whe...


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