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Have you recently received a letter from the Leon County Tax Collector, advising you to pay a Florida Tourist Development Tax? If you are a real estate investor in Florida, and you own residential investment properties, you should be aware of this tax. Fortunately, the tourist development tax onl...
The National Association of Realtors released its monthly Pending Home Sales Report, and it appears as if things are still going well (there seems to be a positive stream of reports now going back 15 straight years). Lawrence Yun (pronounced Yawn by those of us who have tired of his reports that ...
The world of golden jacketed real estate agents is all a buzz about the Century 21 Super Bowl Commercial that will be shown for 30 seconds nine days from now. Normally, I do not write much about my "brand," as Century 21 does a whole lot of that themselves. For those of you "normal" people that h...
With 2012 well underway, let's start the new year's housing reports with the Southwood real estate outlook. Sporting the most active subdivision in Tallahassee, our Southwood real estate report is a natural "first of the year" look at the activity in the Tallahassee real estate market. Currently,...
If you want to hire the best company to help you sell a home, start by selecting a company that has a prominent real estate blog. The lessons learned while writing this real estate blog has taught me so much about what consumers are doing every day on the internet. I have written a daily real est...
I am concerned that the next wave of "putting a finger in the dike of the housing crisis" cures will be built around risky loans created solely to help you refinance a home. In response to yesterday's Weekly Special Report "The Great Falling Home Supply Mirage," several readers were quick to comm...
Anybody who has been in the real estate business for more than a week can tell you that "real estate is local," so why are most real estate companies focused on marketing a house for sale in Tallahassee on the large aggregate sites that are anything but local? I suspect it has something to do wit...
A series of unrelated conversations over the past few months made me realize there is a lot of confusion about short selling a home. First of all, when a homeowner chooses to hire a CENTURY 21 agent to sell a home, it is that homeowner for whom we work. Period. If the homeowner is upside down on ...
We all know that banks and lenders are entirely overwhelmed with this whole housing crisis thing. Many lending institutions have transformed into loss mitigation institutions, or they have outsourced their problems to organizations formed solely to solve the problems that surround distressed home...
The price of developed lots in Tallahassee has moved all over the place during the rise and fall of the housing market. When I started in the real estate business in the early '90s, Florida was just emerging from the inception of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan that resulted in many land-owners b...

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