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We have written a series of articles as a case study examining whether or not you can hire a company to fix credit issues that are holding you back from being a home owner. The housing bubble bursting sent millions of formerly "good credit" Americans into a state of damaged credit, and we know th...
There is a perfect parallel between sellers who have an overpriced house and people (like me) who need to lose some weight. If you will indulge me with a weight loss preface, I can demonstrate that the solution to selling your overpriced house is as simple as losing weight. Simple, but not easy. ...
Having been a Realtor in Tallahassee for more than 20 years, I have seen my fair share of real estate bargaining styles. It's funny though, there really are only two primary strategies that we see from people who haven't bought or sold a home in a while, and they rarely work. If you are thinking ...
How long should your listing agreement be with a real estate company? How long does it take to sell a home? Does it take a year? Six months? Three months? I get these questions quite often from people who failed to sell their home with a previous company and are concerned they will be trapped aga...
The "buy and renovate" market is gaining steam, and no home renovation project is complete without talking about the windows in a home. Yeah, that's right, our "Upgrade Windows" headline is about those wonderful sources of light that you have in your home. If you have wanted to know what to do wh...
Don't listen to the shallow marketing rants from the real estate community, you can sell your home without a real estate agent. If you understand the process of selling a home, you can do it yourself as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and potentially save yourself tens of thousands of dollars. You CAN...
I have written numerous articles illuminating the mistakes that are made by most home sellers, but I must want about a terrible mistake that will likely cause you to sell your home for less money than you should be able to get. And like most of the advice that I provide for when you want to sell ...
Homebuyers are returning to the Betton neighborhoods in Tallahassee, which is no small wonder as this has always been a highly prized location in Northeast Tallahassee. There were nine home sales in Betton in the month of July, a record number that is unsurpassed going back 12 years. The Betton s...
Most people who need to sell a home fail to grasp the importance of the selection of a REALTOR® to help them with the sale. While they figure just about anybody can sell a home, they do not consider the critical questions they will ponder during the "heat of battle" that occurs once a buyer is in...
With 15 homes sold thus far in 2013, Weems Plantation is not the busiest neighborhood in Tallahassee. But this report demonstrates more proof of the housing market recovery for Northeast Tallahassee homes that are priced below $250,000. Currently, there are 9 homes for sale in Weems Plantation, r...


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