bull run tallahassee: Another Big Year For Bull Run Home Sales - 12/18/14 09:08 PM
Located on the NE side of Tallahassee just west of Thomasville Road, Bull Run offers three and four bedroom houses in a super-convenient location.
Bull Run is a "boom neighborhood," with all houses built from 2004 through present, so you can expect this neighborhood to have issues with pent-up supply in the coming years. As most of the families have moved in at the same time, most will hit natural move times on a similar schedule, yet all will be dealing with issues of equity (or lack thereof) until values move much higher.
In this report, we will look at prices, values, and sizes of houses in Bull … (1 comments)

bull run tallahassee: A "No-Bull" Housing Report For The New Year - 12/31/13 11:31 PM
House sales in Bull Run have nearly fully recovered, but house values and house prices have only bounced up from all time lows.
As one of the top selling neighborhoods in Tallahassee (along with Southwood, Killearn Lakes Plantation, and Killearn Estates), we keep a close eye on Bull Run to gain insight on changing trends for the entire Tallahassee real estate market. Additionally, Bull Run is one of the few neighborhoods that has enjoyed robust new construction sales over the past six years.
Thus far in 2013, there have been 46 houses sold in Bull Run, with an average sales price of $294,000 and a … (0 comments)

bull run tallahassee: Discover The Distressed Impact On Arms Length Home Values - 07/14/13 11:23 PM
Today we continue with our mid-year housing reports with a look at the Bull Run Subdivision in Northeast Tallahassee. In case you missed them, you might want to also see our reports on Killearn Acres and Piney Z.
For the past several years, Bull Run has posted enough home sales to land in the top 5 most active neighborhoods in Tallahassee. New construction has been very active (in a market with almost no new construction), so it is a neighborhood we like to monitor regularly.
Currently, there are 14 homes for sale in Bull Run, ranging in price from $260,000 to … (11 comments)

bull run tallahassee: How Do Existing Home Sellers Compete With A Low Cost Builder? - 02/28/13 10:51 PM
Bull Run home values are in for a wild ride, as new home sales continue to lead existing home sales by a factor of 2 to 1.
New home construction in the Bull Run Subdivision has been relatively strong, mostly due to liquidation of lots at far cheaper prices than were seen during the boom of the housing market.
While this is good news for the builder, it is not so good news for existing home owners who continue to see Bull Run home values decline.
Bull Run Home Values The real estate graph below shows that Bull Run home values … (1 comments)

bull run tallahassee: The Market Is Down ... But Why Are Bull Run House Buyers So Active Today - 03/22/12 11:15 PM
If you read yesterday's article about the 7 Hottest Neighborhoods In Tallahassee, then you know that Bull Run House Buyers are very active right now.
In fact, they are buying homes fast enough to propel Bull Run into the most active position among all Tallahassee neighborhoods.
I identified an important trend among Bull Run house buyers last November, and we find that trend has strengthened in the first quarter of 2012. And what trend might that be (for those of you who missed the previous article)?
Bull Run House Buyers Choosing New And Smaller Our first real estate graph shows that … (0 comments)

bull run tallahassee: Home Sales In Bull Run Face Double Whammy - 08/18/11 01:26 AM
Bull Run home prices continue to fall, and today's Tallahassee housing report shows some double-trouble in this popular Northeast Tallahassee neighborhood. Just like the rest of the Tallahassee housing market, home prices and values are declining in Bull Run, but a large amount of the Bull Run home sales are new construction.
This means that people who want to sell an existing home in Bull Run are competing against new construction with falling prices.
Bull Run Home Prices  
The average sales price for a Bull Run home this year has been $290,000, which is about 28% lower … (2 comments)

bull run tallahassee: A "No Bull" Approach To Real Estate Trends - 10/20/09 10:29 PM

If you haven’t taken part in our real estate web site survey, we’d love to get your feedback. To do so, please click on this link to take the survey. It takes about 1 minute and you can help us redesign this site to be more useful.
One reader provided an interesting observation about our graphing and charting techniques here on the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site. This reader wanted to know why we relied so heavily on real estate one-year trend charts, as opposed to non-trended data graphs.
Specifically, the reader asked
So much of your data focuses on … (10 comments)

bull run tallahassee: Here Comes The Bull - 07/19/08 04:35 AM
I had a request from a long-time reader yesterday that I felt would make a great follow-up article to the one that we did a few days ago on Southwood in Tallahassee. For those of you who saw the headline and were hoping for a “Running of the Bulls - Southern Style!,” then I am sorry to disappoint. This article is about the Bull Run Subdivision in Tallahassee, Florida, not about running with the bulls in Pamplono Spain.
MLM, a reader of my work for over 40 years, asked “Hi Joe, Could you do a blog on Bull Run similar to … (2 comments)

bull run tallahassee: Bull Run In Tallahassee - 06/04/08 11:37 AM
Recently, a reader of the Tallahassee Florida Real Estate Blog going by the name “Jim” asked ”
Joe, Can you do a subdivision workup for Bull Run?“
Jim, you asked this question on the perfect day. Not only was I interested in knowing how Bull Run was doing, I also got hit with a case of writers block and really didn’t know what to cover today. So here it goes.
Bull Run in Tallahassee Florida According to the Leon County Tax records, home sales began in Bull Run in 2005.
Using the sales data from Bull Run, our graph shows … (0 comments)

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