killearn estates: Size Matters In Today's Housing Market - 11/08/11 01:12 AM
Home sales in Killearn Estates have slowed from the rebounding pace that occurred in 2010, and home values continue to decline. Home sellers who listened to good advice got their home sold this year, while those that did not remain on the market and hoping for values that will not come.
Currently, there are 72 homes for sale in Killearn Estates in the Tallahassee MLS, and we know of many more that have tried to sell in the recent past that most likely will be re-entering the housing market next year.
As we study recent home sales in Killearn Estates, we … (0 comments)

killearn estates: Google Fusion Rocks Your Real Estate Reports - 08/26/11 02:17 AM
Home sales in Killearn Estates have slowed again this year, with unit sales down 56% from this popular Tallahassee neighborhood's best year in 2003. The average home price has dropped 20% since the peak of the housing market in 2006, and home values are down 23% based upon a year versus year comparison.
Killearn Estates is one of the hottest neighborhoods in the Tallahassee real estate market, second only to Southwood in terms of the number of home sales that occur each year. Currently, there are 77 homes for sale in Killearn Estates, which is just under one year's supply. Today … (2 comments)

killearn estates: Home Sales In The Gardens Of Killearn - 07/29/11 12:57 AM
The Gardens of Killearn is a popular Northeast Tallahassee neighborhood nestled in the southern section of Killearn Estates. Homes there where mostly built in the 1990s, and the average home is 3 or 4 bedrooms with about 2,400 square feet of living space.
Our company worked with several builders back in the mid 90s and helped sell a lot of these homes when they were brand new. It is interesting to watch them resell now, years later. Like much of the rest of the Tallahassee housing market though, values continue to fall in the Gardens of Killearn.
Home Prices … (0 comments)

killearn estates: Home Sales In Killearn Acres Still On Decline - 06/09/11 11:49 PM
Home sellers in Killearn Acres are beating the market by a tiny margin, which is one little ray of good news for this very popular Northeast Tallahassee neighborhood. Home prices have fallen 26% since the peak of the market in early 2007, and they are still on the decline like the rest of the homes for sale in Tallahassee.
Currently, there are 29 homes listed for sale in Killearn Acres, and you can expect this off-shoot of Killearn Estates to continue to record home sales at a pace that leads most neighborhoods in Tallahassee. Killearn Acres consistently ranks in the top … (0 comments)

killearn estates: Values Can Now Be Found In Killearn Estates - 06/01/11 01:39 AM
The number of home sales in Killearn Estates was down 26% year-to-date through April, but homebuyers are finding great values and are moving towards the higher end of the Killearn housing market. This has pushed the average home sales price higher, as the real estate graph below shows.

But don’t be tempted to believe that means that values are rising, rather this is just a case of the larger homes (and ones on the Killearn Golf Course) selling at a rate that is higher in proportion than we have seen in the recent past. The next real estate graph shows … (0 comments)

killearn estates: The Biggest List Of Neighborhoods In Tallahassee - 04/08/11 01:16 AM
Did you know there is a Tallahassee Neighborhoods resource page that contains links to 1,762 recognized subdivisions in the Tallahassee real estate market? Many of these subdivisions have fewer than 10 homes, but they are all listed, in a new easy-to-search page that is only a click away.
The great thing about this Tallahassee Neighborhoods Resource Page is that it will always contain current information about neighborhood information that has been produced on the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site, as well as a current list of homes for sale in each subdivision. The graphic above shows just a snapshot … (0 comments)

killearn estates: Homes Are Selling In Killearn Estates - 05/21/09 10:59 PM
One Tallahassee neighborhood that I have yet to tackle is Killearn Estates. While it is a great neighborhood and one that is very popular, it is actually a bit of a mess in the Leon County Property Appraisers’ tax rolls. It would be nice if everything “in the compound” was called “Killearn Estates,” but that is not the case.
In order to understand the “mess,” you have to understand Killearn Estates. For example, is the Gardens of Killearn “inside the compound?” YES. But it usually is properly recorded as the Gardens of Killearn Subdivision, but sometimes it pops up as the … (0 comments)

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