sell a home on the internet: If I’ve heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times from home sellers … - 07/22/11 12:39 AM
If I’ve heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times from home sellers … “Why can’t we just start at this (higher price) and reduce it later if we’re not getting any offers?” After all, if somebody is not in a hurry to sell a home, what can it hurt to try to get a higher price than current market conditions indicate for a home’s value?
I have been advising home seller’s in this depreciating real estate market to either wait 5 to 10 years to sell, or sell as fast as possible to get the highest price for … (10 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Avoid The 5 Prolific Home Selling Mistakes - 10/14/10 01:37 AM

I was working to improve upon my Progressive Marketing Plan for selling a home when it dawned on me that I am seeing the same home selling mistakes being repeated all the time by the “Failed To Sell” group of homeowners in the Tallahassee real estate market.
So I got out a pen and paper and started taking notes, and the results were a consistent repetition of what I will call the “5 most common home selling mistakes.” Day in and day out I talk to frustrated homeowners who have spent the past six to twelve months languishing on the … (1 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Home Sellers: You Cannot EXPECT What You Do Not INSPECT - 09/24/10 01:42 AM

Are you interviewing real estate agents for the job of selling your home? If you are like most new home sellers, you invite an agent or two into your home and you have them “pitch” to you the reasons why you should hire them to sell your home. They come right to your home so that you don’t even have to visit the real estate office in which they work.
And therein lies your biggest mistake. It is expected that 70% of the homes listed for sale this month will fail to sell during the term of the listing period. … (0 comments)

sell a home on the internet: My Message If You Are Trying To Sell A Home - 09/17/10 02:26 AM
If you are trying to sell a home and have not succeeded, then you are like much of your competition. It is expected that 70% of the homes on the market today, as well as those that will enter the market over the next year, will fail to sell. It should be obvious to anybody paying attention that home values are dropping and that competition for home sales is rising.
So, if you have been trying to sell a home and have not heard, the market’s message to “borderline” home sellers is “just go ahead and remove your home from the … (6 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Home Sellers Should Check Home Listings For Completeness - 09/09/10 01:42 AM

If you have a home for sale in Tallahassee (or anywhere for that matter), you should check to make sure that your listing in the Tallahassee MLS is both accurate and complete. A review of the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service this morning showed that many “tricks of the trade” are not being utilized by all of the real estate companies in Tallahassee.
I was prompted to do this check because recently a reader wrote in with a question about where to go to find information about creative financing and other options a home seller needs to consider … (4 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Will 62% Of Home Sellers Laugh At This Video? - 08/23/10 12:04 AM
I think it is safe to say that actions speak louder than words, and when we look at how most home sellers hire a real estate agent, the words they have been screaming with their actions for many, many years sounds like “I don’t care!“
I know that home sellers really do care, but it is time for them to wake up and realize that the real estate agent (and more importantly, the real estate company) that they select to market their home for sale is an incredibly critical decision.
Back in April, I wrote a blog which explored a recent … (48 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Smaller Buyer Pool Noted For Home Sellers - 07/27/10 01:46 AM
Home sellers are competing for an increasingly smaller pool of homebuyers, and our recent housing market reports are providing proof that the market is going to be tough going for home sellers for some time to come.
In case you missed yesterday’s blog on the rapid growth of foreclosure sales, it is worth a review. The bittersweet news is that banks are finally starting to really take action on their bad loans, but this is going to flood the market over the next 6 to 18 months with bank-owned inventory homes (Real Estate Owned or REO properties). In the simplest sense, … (0 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Tough Decision For Home Sellers Must Be Made Today - 07/21/10 02:49 AM
Home Sellers must decide to stay or go. It is as simple (though very painful) as that. This has been a recurring theme in real estate conversations that many of my troubled customers and I have discussed on a regular basis for more than two years. There are enough buyers in the market that we can sell just about any home, so ultimately the ability of each and every homeowner to sell their house is in their own hands.
Home Sellers: STAY OR GO! If you go back to articles that I was writing in 2008, I urged homeowners to … (6 comments)

sell a home on the internet: How To Sell A Home Using The Internet - 06/25/10 05:35 AM
Do you want to know the truth about how to sell a home in today’s real estate market? If you try and find information on what REALTORS® are doing, it seems you get information overload.
With roughly 60% of the homes on the market failing to sell over the past year, it is obvious that most home selling plans are not effective. Would you hire somebody if they told you they had a 40% chance of selling your home? The fact is, that is most usually the case.
The Traditional Home Selling Plan
The National Association of REALTORS® conducts a … (0 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Active Internet Marketing Requires Full Time Commitment - 06/22/10 12:11 AM
There really is a huge difference between the two different types of plans for marketing a home for sale on the internet. It has taken me three years to complete the evolution from where I was based in traditional realty methodologies to being a much more active marketer on the internet.
You see, the two methods are diametrically opposed, but very simple to understand.
Passive Internet Marketing occurs when a real estate company starts the evolutionary process from traditional methods to the use of the internet. “Ads” are placed on the internet in the hopes that consumers will contact the real … (6 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Understanding The Value Of Virtual Tours For Home Sellers - 06/14/10 01:29 AM

This morning, as I was looking at our traffic source reports for the Tallahassee Real Estate Web Site, I saw that a recent visitor found us through a Google Search. We get a lot of visitors from the search engines because of our thousands of pages of original real estate content (which of course is a major part of our marketing strategy at CENTURY 21 First Realty).  This morning, one inquisitive reader had the following question:
do virtual tours really help sell listings?
Immediately, I thought this would make a great topic for this morning’s blog post. Hopefully, the new … (4 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Are You Selling Any Homes? - 05/28/10 01:17 AM
Are you having any success in selling a home in Tallahassee? I get this question from prospective home sellers in Tallahassee, as well as from REALTORS from all over the internet. I think it is one of the more important issues defining our housing market nationwide.
Most real estate professionals define a “good housing market” as one where when somebody wants to move, they can sell their home. Simple. Concise. Understandable. There is a market for homes and somebody will want to purchase mine if my family needs to move. Unfortunately, that has not been the case for the past few … (6 comments)

sell a home on the internet: How To Calculate Risk Versus Reward When Selling A Home - 05/13/10 01:10 AM
If you have to sell a home, you need to understand that a fundamental change in the real estate market has occurred. With this change, the way that you address risk versus reward will need to be modified. No longer will you have the luxury of trying to get the top dollar for your home and suffer no negative consequence should you fail.
For most people in the real estate industry, prices have always been going up. Real estate appreciation was the rule, so pricing a home to sell, and all the various other elements in the home sales process, were … (4 comments)

sell a home on the internet: How To Find Home Buyers On The Internet - 04/08/10 01:18 AM
The internet has had a profound effect on the way consumers buy products, and this has definitely reached the real estate market. The recent survey compiled by the National Association of REALTORS showed that 94% of home buyers used the internet during the purchase of their home indicates that anybody who is trying to sell their home must not only be on the internet, but must also know WHO they are seeking as well as WHEN and WHERE to be waiting for this new generation of home buyer.

Knowing Which Home Buyers To Target Any real estate company that has … (6 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Avoid This Crazy Home Seller Mistake - 04/06/10 01:23 AM
Home sellers have been making a consistent mistake for all the years that I have been in the real estate business. I suspect that this shocking error in approach to selling a home has been around as long as there have been homes, home sellers, and real estate agents. Of course, I’m referring to the method that they use to select the real estate company they will hire to sell their home.
A recent survey of home sellers by “Texas Realtor” (and made known to me by Bill Cherry in Dallas, Texas) was performed in an attempt to determine how current … (4 comments)

sell a home on the internet: “We are going to have to wait until next year" - 02/23/10 11:35 PM
“We are going to have to wait until next year to sell our house,” is perhaps the concern that I am hearing most from upside-down homeowners, or those who have lost much of the equity in their homes. Perhaps they hope to rent the house out to a tenant for the next year or so, and then put the home on the market when it will sell for the values found back in 2006.
Just as a reminder, you can have the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog delivered to your email inbox by doing a quick subscription (just click the subscribe … (2 comments)

sell a home on the internet: Active Rain Members Epitomize Social Networking Success - 12/24/09 02:27 AM
Real estate marketing has gone through many changes over the years. A great real estate broker has to know which sources are best so that his limited resources are not wasted.
Today I will share with you a true success story on how the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog helped a Tallahassee homeowner sell their home in 30 days and buy a new one just north of Atlanta. The combination of internet marketing and active social networking resulted in a successful move that many others would envy.
But to know why the use of the internet is so important, you should consider our real … (41 comments)

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