tallahassee real estate report: Shocking 80% Of Housing Reports Have Shown Declines - 05/16/12 11:16 PM
The numbers for April are in, and the Tallahassee housing market is reporting 6 straight months of declining home sales in the Year over Year Real Estate Report.
While most of the data we use for our real estate reports comes from the MLS in Tallahassee, we occasionally look to the bigger picture and use information on Real Estate Reported to the Leon County Property Appraiser. This includes all of the MLS sales, as well as those sales that occurred without the use of a Realtor.
I point this out because Realtor reports (including the ones that I provide) that solely … (6 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: NAR Says Worst Is Behind Us ... Do You Believe Dr. Yun This Time? - 03/28/12 10:57 PM
What can I say, but it's that time of the month again, time for us to review the Pending Home Sales Report from the National Association of REALTORS®.
Historically, this housing report has been a measurement compiled by NAR and then used to proclaim the housing market "stronger than ever," but I suspect the public might be on to the cheer leading efforts of Dr. Yun.
The Pending Home Sales Report is a forward-looking report, as it measures the number of contracts in the MLS, not actual real estate closings. But we know that future sales will likely be a subset … (6 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Southwood Starts The Year Off With More Declining Home Values - 01/26/12 02:21 AM
With 2012 well underway, let's start the new year's housing reports with the Southwood real estate outlook.
Sporting the most active subdivision in Tallahassee, our Southwood real estate report is a natural "first of the year" look at the activity in the Tallahassee real estate market.
Currently, there are 48 homes for sale in Southwood and hundreds more in the shadow inventory, so we expect Southwood to remain at or near the top of the list of most active neighborhoods in Tallahassee.
Map Of Southwood Real Estate Sales The following interactive map allows you to where the most recent Southwood real … (0 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Is A New Market Bottom Looming Ahead? - 08/13/11 10:00 AM
The number of home selling in Tallahassee is very close to reaching the same as market bottom level that was found in August 2009. The real estate graph below shows the 365 day trend of closed home sales in the Tallahassee MLS is approaching just 6 per day.

We use the 365 trend in order to remove all effects of the seasonal changes that happen at different times of the year. Therefore, any change in the graph above represents a true change in the movement of the Tallahassee housing market.
The message is clear if you have to sell a … (6 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: The Problem With Housing Reports - 01/26/11 10:33 PM
I sometimes find it difficult understanding housing reports that are published or reported by the national news media, and apparently I am not alone. You see, most of the national reports that appear on the television and in print are a synopsis of monthly reports by the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), so you have to recognize that “our lobby” is putting a positive spin on everything that is being reported.
Recently, a reader of the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog sent in the following question, showing that it is not always easy to understand housing reports that are being thrown … (8 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Translating The NAR Spin On Existing-Home Sales - 08/25/10 01:54 AM
I just love the 25th of the month. I wake up every 25th of the month, grab a cup of coffee, then look to see what the National Association Of REALTORS® has to report on existing-home sales across the US housing markets.
Lately, meaning over the past few years, it has been an interesting game of “spin the numbers.” How can we make bad news look as good as possible. The Existing-Home Sales Report has again been spun by NAR for July, but the stock market wasn’t buying it. The US housing market is in grave danger.
July Existing-Home Sales Fall … (0 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Home Sales Heat Up In Tallahassee - 04/05/10 09:24 AM
By tracking closings in the Tallahassee MLS on a daily basis, we can normally spot trends just as they are beginning to happen.

When we look at the graph above, we can see a recent spike in the number of daily closed home sales in Leon County. There is much speculation that the Homebuyer Tax Credit is helping boost sales, and we will have to see what happens when that opportunity goes away (buyers must be under contract no later than April 30, 2010 and closed no later than June 30, 2010 in order to qualify for the credit).
What … (0 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Have You Seen The Latest Real Estate Resource? - 08/19/09 11:36 PM
Do you ever sneak over to The Market Bulletin to check out the current state of the Tallahassee Housing Market? A lot of people do, as we get many of our questions at CENTURY 21 First Realty that are based upon the information that is posted there twice a week.
This is a simple, one-page, real estate website designed to put out a quick opinion on supply and demand of homes in Tallahassee. The Market Bulletin includes charts, graphs, and analysis of the Tallahassee real estate market based upon information that can be currently found in the Tallahassee MLS.
Another … (0 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Tallahassee Housing Report Shows That All Is Not Bad - 07/24/09 12:54 AM
We love to get questions and comments from our readers, as they often times lead to the best blog posts on the Tallahassee Real Estate Blog. After reading yesterday’s blog regarding the appreciation rates of homes in Tallahassee, sorted by size ranges, we received the following comment from reader “Brad” who wrote:
This is pretty interesting. I wonder if there is a correlation to amount of sales. I guess you would have to calculate the % increase or drop in amount of sales just like you did with price. This might show us which segments the current market thinks are over/under … (0 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Home Inventories Finally Dropping In Tallahassee - 04/22/09 02:05 AM
One picture of the Tallahassee real estate market is solidly good, and that is the short, medium, and long term home inventory change trends are all dropping! The graph below demonstrates that all of the following are showing a reduction in inventory:
30 Day Home Inventory Change: Averaging a drop of 2.6 homes per day for the past 30 days 90 Day Home Inventory Change: Averaging a drop of 0.2 homes per day for the past 90 days 180 Day Home Inventory Change: Averaging a drop of 2.1 homes per day for the past 180 days 270 Day Home Inventory Change: … (2 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Home Inventory Report By Area Shows What's Hot And What's Not - 03/16/09 11:54 PM
Every month we pull all the data from the Tallahassee Board of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service (MLS) in order to determine the months of supply of homes, by price range. This report is a great snapshot that is valuable to people who want to buy a home in Tallahassee as well as to people who want to sell a home in Tallahassee. Think of this as the “competition report” for each price range.
Each area of Leon County (Tallahassee Real Estate Market) is broken down by homes for sale and homes that have been sold. The report shows new home … (0 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Tallahassee, FL: Home Inventory By School Zone - 02/08/09 04:51 AM
Whenever we work with families with children, who want to buy a home in Tallahassee, invariably one of the most important criterion that they use in the home selection process is the school zone in which the home falls. Everybody has their own opinions on what school is hot and what school is not, but maybe real estate supply and demand can show us what Tallahassee home buyers think!
Reminder: The Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter Is Being Mailed On Monday
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After downloading all of the active listings in the Tallahassee Board of … (2 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Don't They Say Real Estate Is Local? - 01/10/09 05:28 AM
One question that I get from time to time is “how is the Tallahassee real estate market compared to other cities in the U.S.?” I usually answer this one “from the hip” based upon what I read on the internet and what I hear on the radio, but I’ve decided to take a closer look at this issue.
Today’s real estate blog takes a look at some of the cities measured by Case-Shiller, one of the leading national housing research companies, in order to compare Tallahassee real estate to other markets. I have heard about how far national housing prices … (2 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Graphs That Track Housing Inventory Show Real Market Movement - 01/08/09 09:31 PM
The continuation of the three-year-old bear market in real estate has brought many people forward to comment on the condition of the real estate market. It seems for everybody with an opinion, there are an equal number of theories about where the housing market is going. So, not to be left out of the crowd……. I thought I would chime in with an (updated) opinion of my own.
You cannot have a clear view of any market without tracking the key trends for that industry. The single most important real estate trend that everybody with an interest in the housing … (2 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Promoting Your Real Estate Blog Through Blog Carnivals - 12/08/08 10:44 PM
We have just posted the 18th Edition of the Real Estate Market Reports Blog Carnival. If you have not participated in the carnival, then you are missing out on a great way to drive traffic to your blog. Each week, the Real Estate Market Reports Blog Carnival gathers together localized information from real estate professionals all around the United States (and beyond). Our goal is to create a place with real information posted by real estate bloggers which is much more accurate than the consolidated MLS reports that NAR publishes.
Again, a super benefit derived from the Real Estate Market Reports … (10 comments)

tallahassee real estate report: Download A Great Housing Report Format - 11/13/08 10:52 AM
Well, we’ve seen another month come and go in the Tallahassee real estate market. I have recorded all of the sales in the MLS for the past twelve months and compared them with the active listings in order to produce the monthly Tallahassee Housing Inventory Report.
One of the handiest reports available for Tallahassee homeowners, the inventory report shows the amount of homes available by area and price range in Leon County, Florida. Homeowners that are considering placing their homes on the market for sale can find out exactly how many homes they are competing against.
Northeast Tallahassee Has Strongest … (0 comments)

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