tallahassee townhouse: What Caused The 50% Decline In Condo And Townhouse Prices? - 08/20/11 01:00 AM
Tallahassee condominium and townhouse prices have finally joined single family detached homes with a dramatic drop in their average prices, according to the newest information recorded at the Leon County Property Appraisers office.

The sales of condominiums in downtown Tallahassee, which are relatively new to the Tallahassee market, were bolstering the average sales price of condos and townhouses for the past several years.
Even though we were measuring depreciation at very similar numbers as single family detached homes, the actual average price was remaining stable as expensive condos downtown were keeping the average up.
But downtown sales have stopped and … (4 comments)

tallahassee townhouse: Downtown Tallahassee's Condo and Townhome Market - 10/19/09 10:48 PM
The downtown Tallahassee condominium market exploded with the housing market boom in 2004, and many people have asked me how that part of the Tallahassee real estate market is doing. I just received this question from reader “Joyce” who asked:
I would like to see condo market [high rise luxury, etc] in zip 32301, prices, past selling prices, etc.
After knocking out the Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter yesterday, I have a limited amount of time for today’s blog, so I will give a brief overview of what has occurred in the downtown Tallahassee market.
Downtown Tallahassee Condo Sales … (2 comments)

tallahassee townhouse: Richview Park Townhomes Doing Just Fine - 08/20/09 11:40 PM
Yesterday, my brother Mike and I were discussing our townhomes that we purchased in Richview Park in the early 90s. Richview Park is a town home community of roughly 150 homes in a very convenient location off of Richview Road and Apalachee Parkway in downtown Tallahassee.
Anyway, we were discussing the fact that real estate had dropped in value lately, yet his townhouse was still an incredible investment. This Tallahassee townhouses was purchased in the early 90s and if sold today would show a five percent annualized appreciation rate. Considering the fact that leverage was used, his return on investment (ROI) … (0 comments)

tallahassee townhouse: Richview Park Town Houses In Tallahassee - 03/07/08 10:23 AM
For the past few blogs, I have been featuring neighborhoods from around the Tallahassee real estate market. We have analyzed them based upon recent sales history, as well as current inventory. Most of these Tallahassee subdivisions have been ones where the homes were priced above the median price in the Tallahassee real estate market, so for today I will feature a Tallahassee neighborhood where the homes are priced within the parameters of affordable housing in Tallahassee.

Richview Park is a town home community in Tallahassee located near downtown, just off of Richview Road (which connects Park Avenue to Apalachee Parkway). A savvy home … (53 comments)

tallahassee townhouse: Before You Advise .... Check Your Sources!!! - 01/26/08 04:46 AM
I had a reader who formulated an opinion about the Tallahassee Real Estate Market, based upon some statistical figures he found on a web site.
I did not agree with his numbers and told him so. He responded with this comment:
"Here's LINK,
My guess is that the natural demand in Tallahassee might be around 2500 homes per year, or 200 house per month. Last four months of 2007 may be the true indication of  demand in Tallahassee. If my estimated demand is true, then we might have enough inventory to last for the next two years.  
For sale signs are eveywhere in my neighborhood."
Rather than … (49 comments)

tallahassee townhouse: Townhouses And Condominiums: A New Dynamic In Tallahassee - 01/20/08 12:24 AM
Often times, we read articles written in local and national publications referring to the state of the real estate market. Much of these articles are written based upon the sales activity of both new and resale single family homes in a particular area, such as the Tallahassee real estate market.
It is important to understand a dynamic that is happening in the Tallahassee real estate market that is so important to the measurement of our activity. The dynamic that I refer to regards the condominium/townhouse (CT) category encroaching on the single family detached home (SF).
As land prices have skyrocketed, it is becoming nearly … (56 comments)

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