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Mortgage industry news and insights from a 15+ year industry expert. Mortgage and Real Estate News You Can Use
What is MBS speculative pricing and why it is hurting mortgage rates?Minneapolis, MN:  MBS speculative pricing  (Mortgage Backed Securities) is one big reason that mortgage interest rates today are pretty good IF you are willing to pay a few discount point, but much higher if you are not.Mortgage...
What is a Mortgage Recast?Minneapolis, MN: Here in Minnesota where I am based, when you hear 'recast', you might think about casting a line for a big walleye, but actually, a mortgage recast is a little know tool that can allow you to potentially get a lower monthly mortgage payment without the n...
Who is buying homes in today's market?Minneapolis, MN:  One thing we know about real estate.  It's forever changing, and always local.  Here are a few notable items from a recent survey from the National Association of REALTORS®At the moment, we are seeing two very distinct buyers.   Buyers with ...
Understanding Pre-Qualify vs Pre-Approval vs Final Loan ApprovalMinneapolis / St Paul, MN: In the mortgage lending world, lot's of terms get thrown around, a lot of time causing confusion.YOUR VERY FIRST STEP in the home buying process is getting approved for financing, so here we will explain th...
Did the Bank say No?Are you an independent contractor, or even a Real Estate Agent who is paid with a 1099, and has has trouble getting a mortgage loan? We have the solution for your problem.We can potentially approve you for your home loan with just your 1099 income and NO TAX RETURN needed.Qual...
Make Christmas memories... In your new home! It's not too late if you start NOW. Visit JoeMetzler.com/apply   Interested in buying a home, or finding out what you qualify to purchase?  We make it easy.  Just call our loan experts at (651) 552-3681, or visit  JoeMetzler.com/apply to start a no co...
What is your home worth?Minneapolis, MN:  Everyone wonders what their home is worth, especially if you are thinking of selling the home in the near future. So what is your home worth, and how do you figure out it's value?If you are thinking of selling soon, reaching out to a Real Estate Agent to ...
Market Update for Sept 8, 2023Minneapolis, MN: It's a highly unusual housing market, with home prices hitting new records, but transaction activity at 2008-2010 levels and mortgage rates at 20-year highs.Here's my weekly update on national and local housing news - let me know if you'd like more i...
If you’re like many renters, you rent because you think you can’t afford a home. Maybe you don’t have down payment money or you think you simply won’t qualify for a loan. To make matters worse, you feel trapped within the walls of a house or apartment that doesn’t feel like yours. How could it wh...
FHA to Real Estate Agents. We need each other.Good loans? YES. Minneapolis, MN: Low-down payment FHA loans are the best, or only option for many buyers, but FHA loans are wrongly viewed negatively by many listing agents.The 3.5% down payment requirement makes FHA loans an important financial tool...

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Mortgage industry news and insights from a 15+ year industry expert. Mortgage are Real Estate News You Can Use. Joe is a Certified Minnesota Mortgage Specialist, who provides home mortgage loans not only in the Minneapolis, St Paul area, but all of Minnesota and Wisconsin.