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U.S. Home Foreclosures UP 68% last month... Or NOT?Saint paul, Minnesota. December 2007: Home owners increasingly failed to keep up with their mortgage payments in November, as the number of foreclosure filings APPEARED to increase a whopping 68% compared with November 2006 according to Realty-Tr...
Mortgage Insurance is Once Again Tax Deductible for Borrowers!    Saint Paul, Minnesota. December 2007: Turbulence in the mortgage marketplace has been big news in 2007. But here's something bigger...and better! MI Tax Deductibility is back and this time for three more years. This week, our Unit...
  Adjustable (ARM) Loan Resets Cause Foreclosures - Fact or Fiction? Saint Paul, Minnesota: A lot has been said from pundits everywhere, and support is growing on multiple fronts for home-owner-assistance programs with broader impact than the Bush Administrations 5-year interest rate freeze progr...
Best Rate or Lowest Closing Costs - Plus No Lender Fee, or No Closing Costs AdvertisingHOW DO THEY WORK?A common mistake shoppers make is to ask: "What's your best rate?" or "What are your closing costs?" Both logical questions to ask, but they do not give the response most borrowers need to make...
Protecting yourself against predatory lenders, mortgage scams, and Loan Officers screw-upsSaint Paul, Minnesota: Mortgage rates are still great. That's great news for veteran loan hunters. But for inexperienced shoppers who don't watch their backs, the mortgage business can be a scary place to tr...
Licensed Minnesota mortgage lender ranks reduced dramaticallySaint Paul, Minnesota. Dec 2007: The number of licensed Mortgage lenders in Minnesota has dropped dramatically recently as a double wave of trouble has washed many lenders away. According to figures from the Minnesota Department of Comm...
FED's Cut Short-Term Interest Rates - What Does It mean To You?For the first time in more than four years, the Federal Reserve has made it cheaper to borrow in Spetember 2007, and by an unexpectedly big margin by cutting the short-term rates 1/2%The Fed surprised many economists and traders with ...
FHA Mortgage Demand Doubles In Early October It's the start of a new fiscal year in Washington, and for the FHA it's been a great time to be in the mortgage insurance business. The latest figures from HUD show that FHA applications had an annual run rate of 1,285,800 inquiries in the first 15 day...
 Home buyers are getting more conservative - Back to Home Loan BasicsThe one-two punch of a tighter mortgage environment and tougher credit standards is forcing buyers back towards more conservative home loans. Home buyers and homeowners who want to refinance are moving away from shorter-term hig...
RETIREMENT - ARE YOU READY? Did you know: That if you wait until you're 45 years old to start investing for retirement, you'll need to save about $24,000 per year just to reach a reasonably comfortable retirement level? But if you start when you're 25, you can reach that same level by saving just...

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