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While this was written about Realtor's, you could easily replace Realtor with Loan Officer. Be sure to read "Mortgage Lender Shopping. How to do it right" Search Homes For Sale listing in the St Paul, Minneapolis area Need a Realtor Referral in the Minneapolis, St Paul area? Call us, we'll be ha...
The FHA mortgagee letter described below provides guidance to lenders and underwriters regarding borrower eligibility when a previously owned property was sold for less than what was owed (short sale), or there is principal write down of indebtedness that cannot be refinanced into a new mortgage...
6 Reasons to TRADE UP your house TODAY! Have you thought about getting that bigger, better house in a better neighborhood?   NOW IS THE TIME! St Paul, MN: Whether you need more space, want to upgrade your location, or for any other reason, the current real estate market presents a unique opportu...
Choosing your mortgage loan with "APR" CAN COST YOU MONEY Minneapolis, MN: A borrower shopping for the best mortgage rate can easily be seduced by low rate offers that are accompanied by low annual percentage rates (APR). Federal law requires that APR be disclosed along side the actual interest ...
HAVING YOUR CREDIT PULLED CAN CAUSE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCESS St Paul, MN: The credit bureaus have found another way to increase their revenue at your expense, and WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. Having your credit pulled can cause unintended consequences with a fairly new and horrible marketing trend c...

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