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PLEASE RE-BLOG DID YOU KNOW? Not all Loan Officers are Licensed! Buying a home? Need a home loan? You call the various banks, brokers, and mortgage lenders shopping for the best deal, thinking this is the correct way to get a mortgage loan. Unfortunately, you've only did half of your homework, as...
Properties with an Unexpired Right of Redemption are generally Not Eligible for Financing St Paul, MN: Foreclosures and short-sales are everywhere, but another roadblock is now appearing to cause delays and problems. Certain state laws provide a "redemption period" after a foreclosure or tax sale...
IS YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT WORKING FOR THEIR BEST INTEREST, OR YOURS? You've been all over the internet looking at homes, you've gotten pre-approved with a great Loan Officer. Now it is time to get serious and start physically looking at homes. Real Estate Agents (just like Mortgage Loan Officers)...
MORTGAGE INTEREST RATES LOWEST EVER? Mortgage interest rates have been on a wild roller-coaster this year, hitting record lows in October 2010. This prompted every media outlet and every lender to scream LOWEST RATES EVER. Since then, interest rates have climbed to... Drum roll please...............

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