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Zero down payment home loans are back. Actually, some of them never went away. VA and USDA Rural Development are two very popular home loan options. Learn more by watching today's "Royal" performance. CG Live from London. Watch more Real Estate Agent News and Information from Joe Metzler, MLO   (...
If people can get past their own internal mental blocks about the markets, things will get better!  STOP posting Case-Schiller numbers, Housing starts, and anything negative about the markets and watch your business grow!  I am busier than ever! The real estate market today is one of the toughest...
IRS says First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Was Abused The IRS says there was significant abuse and fraudulent claims related to the $8000 First Time Home Buyers tax credit. Pretty shocking...  $29 Billion went to 4 Million people, with AT LEAST $513 Million in fraud paid out! Watch more Real Estat...
WOW your sellers with simple free Internet Marketing.  As an Agent, you can sell homes. The #1 issue most Real Estate Agents face is finding the next client. So now you've gotten a listing, but are your clients saying WOW and referring your services to other potential clients? Its a tough market....
Getting a mortgage loan? Beware of the credit bureau.   You've shopped a few lenders, gotten some quotes. You've narrowed your search, supplied a full application, and supporting documents. The lender has now pulled your credit report, and informed you everything looks great. You lock your inter...
NO Documentation Loans? NINA, SIVA, SISA, STATED Income, No Doc "NO DOC" loans had been around for years, and served a niche market for the self-employed, commission, and tipped income home owners. Because of their additional risk, they came with higher interest rates, bigger down payments, and ...
MORTGAGES FOR THE SELF-EMPLOYED and COMMISSIONED INCOME Homebuyer Self employed individuals often ask … “Why is it so difficult to qualify for mortgage financing?” Minneapolis, MN: Self-employed borrowers, those who work on commission, or those who receive tipped income present one of the most ch...
Look, there is no magic trick to being a successful Real Estate Agent. Winning agents in a down market don't make excuses, they make the sales calls they need to make to generate new business. Partnering with a successful and motivated Loan Officer and Lender enhances your success.   (C) 2011 - ...
Are you being pressured by your Realtor to use "their" lender? Minneapolis, MN: When buying a home, unless you have cash, you are going to need financing! As a consumer, you have the right to pick whatever lender you decide is best for you. You will likely also receive all sorts of lender suggest...
Fannie Mae HomePath closing costs increased to 3.5% St Paul, MN: Fannie Mae has announced they are increasing allowed seller paid closing costs to 3.50%. This is an increase over the current 3% in allowed seller paid closing costs to home buyers purchasing a Fannie Mae HomePath foreclosed home, a...

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