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Is this the end of the low interest rates and declining home values? St Paul, MN: If you've been holding out for lower interest rates, and home prices continuing to drop, you may be missing out. There are two major areas to understand. Interest Rates: The markets eventually have to settle down an...
Mortgage Interest Rates are hovering near historic lows. Should YOU refinance? Minnesota and Wisconsin homeowners - The first rule is that there are no rules. You should refinance if it makes sense for you. Many people still think the "Rule Of Thumb" is that that if you could lower your interest ...
STOP risking your real estate license Do you unintentionally give legal advice to your clients?  Most real estate agents are very aware, and try to stay clear of giving any legal advice.  Unfortunately, there are plenty of agents who have crossed that line, and are now facing plenty of headaches ...
All the mortgage brokers are gone, so is the housing industry is fixed? NO! Not even close when you blame the wrong people, and "fix" the wrong problem... The real estate industry is a mess… But who is to blame, and who is fixing it? IN the panic and adolescent reaction to the sub prime mortgage ...
What's the value of your home? Many homeowners are curious about the appraised value of their home. An actual appraisal is expensive, and county tax records do NOT reflect true market value. As you may be aware, home values are constantly fluctuating, and with the decline in average values, it is...
Slick mortgage advertising, and phony rate quotes are alive and living well in today's market despite all the recent government attempts to fix the problem. From "the biggest no brainer ever", to free refinance if rates drop in the next 7-years, the bait-n-switch advertising from companies you pr...
You Are Entitled To A Second Opinion, Even If You Have Already Been Pre-Approved For Your Mortgage! Imagine you have just went to the Doctor in Minneapolis, or the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and found out that you have to have surgery on your knee and the procedure will be pretty extensive! Mos...
QRM. Three letters that will wreck the housing and economic recovery of this nation. Find out what QRM (Qualified Residential Mortgage) means, and how it is going to effect you. If you want to buy a house with a low, or no down payment option, you might want too act soon! Washington also wants F...

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