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All-Time Low: 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Averages 3.40 Percent Minneapolis, MN:  Freddie Mac today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey® (PMMS®), showing fixed mortgage rates breaking their previous average record lows helping to keep homebuyer affordability high and refina...
Minneapolis, MN: So why do short sales take so long? I get asked this question all the time. There are many reasons, some obvious, some not so obvious. Simply said, the seller owes more on the home than the home is worth today, and they are about to ask the bank to accept an amount lower than wha...
Freddie Mac today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey® (PMMS®), FOR THE WEEK ENDING AUGUST 30, 2012 showing fixed mortgage rates holding steady from the previous week and remaining near their all-time lows. The average 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has been below 4.00 percent...
St Paul, Minnesota: Mortgage interest rates are still great. That's great news for veteran loan hunters. But for inexperienced shoppers who don't watch their backs, the mortgage business can still be a scary place to travel. The internet historically has make it easier for sly banks, mortgage len...
Can a HARP refinance help you? Minneapolis, MN:  A HARP refinance, in short, allows you to refinance with expanded eligibility requirements in regards to loan-to-value, or debt-to-income. That could mean that you are allowed to refinance, even though your home may have lost value., or the payment...
Who said you have to pick a standard mortgage loan term? Design your own mortgage loan. Pick any loan amortization term you want from 8 to 30 years. A big internet lender likes to call this "The YOURgage", and claims it is "only available from them!" They go as far as to make it sound like they "...
Do You Qualify for a Mortgage?   Minneapolis, MN: Every year, millions of potential new home owners ask the question, "can I qualify for a mortgage?" It’s a scary question for many people, but getting the answer isn't anywhere as hard or difficult as people think. First, ask yourself some of thes...

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