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BUY A MN or WI HUD Foreclosed Home with just 3.5% DOWN YES, it is REAL. You can buy a HUD Foreclosed home and save! If you're a qualified buyer, you can use an FHA loan to buy one of HUD's specifically designated foreclosed homes for sale  only 3.5% down payment! How Does It Work? Simple. Just q...
Minneapolis, MN: When debt is relieved or written off... That "relief" is supposed to be taxed as income. The lender gives the debtor a Form 1009-C, Cancellation of Debt if the cancellation equals $600 or more. When it comes to a foreclosure or abandonment of secured property, it is a form 1099-A...
Minneapolis, MN:  Sometimes life happens.  Good people end up with bad credit. But for most, bad credit is fixable with a little time, effort, and knowledge.  Credit decisions for just about anything, car loans, credit cards, home mortgage loans all depend on your credit score. We all know having...
Are you a serial refinancer? Minneapolis, MN: As mortgage interest rates drop, many people believe that no cost loans, and refinancing multiples times is a game winning strategy.  People who do this are known as "serial refinancers." A Wall Street Journal report shows about 2.2 million people hav...
Mortgage Rates Mixed, 30-Year Fixed Averages 3.37 Percent ST Paul, MN:  Freddie Mac today released the results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey® (PMMS®), showing fixed mortgage rates mixed following data reports on inflation and the housing construction market. The 30-year fixed moved up ave...
  What is FHA Streamline Refinance? Refinancing of a current FHA insured loan into another FHA insured loan is called an FHA Streamline Refinance. The mortgage to be refinanced must be current (not delinquent). Not all FHA to FHA refinances are streamline in nature. Is there a minimum waiting per...
Have a small side business? Disclose it to your Loan Officer St Paul, MN:  It is a pretty well know that when buying a home and applying for a home mortgage loan these days, mortgage companies are asking for more information from the applicants. Standard items include photo ID, last 30-days of pa...
Minneapolis, MN:  Recent reports show homes builders are making record profits – but not from building homes! What then you ask?  From providing the mortgage loans the “builder” give to people buying their homes! Pulte Homes shows mortgage loan revenue up 70%, which is 6 times higher than their r...
It is that time of year again... Here is my mortgage interest rate prediction for 2013 Minneapolis, MN: I expect long-term 30-year fixed rates to remain +/- about 3.50% for the first 6 months of 2013, with a slow but steady increase the second half of 2013 - but with the 30-year fixed rate remain...
Minneapolis, MN:  Freddie and Fannie both announced that they will be suspending evictions nationwide between December 17, 2012 and January 2, 2013 on foreclosed occupied homes. Such a joyous season… This is in addition to the previous announcement suspending evictions in eligible major disaster ...

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