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RESPA, the real estate settlement and procedures act can be a bit overwhelming, and it is easy to be in violation without realizing it. On the Loan Officer end, we can NOT give Realtors ANYTHING of VALUE to you because you are in position to refer settlement services to the loan officers. A 'thin...
Gifting down payment money? What you need to know. A relative, usually a child has asked you to give them down payment money to buy a home. As parents, we are usually very willing to help. But are there any risks or complications when gifting down payment money to buy a house? Here is what you n...
  I didn't create this... and it isn't 100% accurate, but the basic conversation about asking "has the appraisal been ordered yet" is 100% right on...  The rules changed in 2009...  There is a process, and I doubt if any lender anywhere in the country doesn't order the appraisal as the first orde...
Rising home prices restoring lost equity As home prices continue to rise, millions of home owners are regaining equity, according to date released yesterday. An estimated 2.5 million homes went back into a positive equity position in the second quarter, meaning they are no longer underwater - th...
This is why Real Estate got into trouble... Not disclosures, not loan programs, not loan officer compensation... Rather a gimme gimme gimme... I deserve... attitude OF CONSUMERS. Unfortunately, the lending industry was all too willing to give these STUPID folks the money too - and like this comme...

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