interest rates: Is NOW a Good Time To Buy A House? - 06/23/23 01:03 PM
Is NOW a Good Time To Buy A house?Minneapolis, MN: Pick your poison... Buy now, and refinance when mortgage rates come back down? Or wait to buy, and watch house prices keep rising, getting more expensive while you sit on the sidelines?
Cambria Mortgage is dedicated to providing opportunities for first time home buyers with multiple low and no down payment programs, including first time home buyer programs with down payment assistance.
Interested in buying a home, or finding out what you qualify to purchase?  We make it easy.  Just call our loan experts at (651) 552-3681, or visit to start a no cost, no obligation … (3 comments)

interest rates: What is the Lock In Effect? - 06/23/23 09:42 AM
What is the "Lock In Effect"Minneapolis, MN: Simply put, so many people have low mortgage rates, they don't want to buy or move with today's current higher interest rates.  But is that a mistake?
First Time Home Buyers still make up a large number of buyers. Whether you're buying your first or your next home, I'm here to help.
Youtube embed code generator Cambria Mortgage is dedicated to providing opportunities for first time home buyers with multiple low and no down payment programs, including first time home buyer programs with down payment assistance.
Interested in buying a home, or finding out what you qualify to purchase?  … (3 comments)

interest rates: Yes, mortgage rates are higher today, but... - 04/14/23 12:09 PM
Yes, mortgage rates are higher today, but...Minneapolis, MN: Everyone is talking about today's higher mortgage interest rates, but that is only compared with the past two years. From a historical standpoint, mortgage rates are not bad.  Plus, home ownership is a lot more than just rates. You need to zoom out for the big picture.
With over 50-years combined experience, multiple local, reginal, and national awards, the Joe Metzler Team of Joe and Eric Metzler at Cambria Mortgage are your local Minnesota based Trusted Advisor, serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Florida.
Ready to find a home in today's market?  Our mortgage … (0 comments)

interest rates: Spring 2023 Real Estate Market Is Different. Here is what you need to know. - 03/21/23 12:26 PM
2023 Spring Real Estate Market Is Different. Here’s What You Need to KnowMinneapolis, MN: It may not feel or look like spring in many areas yet, but as of Monday March 20th, it’s here! So does that mean the spring real estate market officially begins that day as well? Or does it kick off the weekend before or the weekend after since the first day of spring falls on a weekday? None of the above actually.
In fact, the spring market has already begun! Many people in the industry consider January to be the start of the spring real estate market. At … (1 comments)

interest rates: Are Mortgage Rates Just Back to Normal? - 02/06/23 09:35 AM
Are Mortgage Rates Just Back to Normal?According to a recent survey, a full 61% of Americans think that mortgage interest rates rates are "unprecedented."
The thing is, mortgage rates aren’t actually the highest they’ve ever been; not even close, and it isn't too far a look back to see when they were similar or higher.
The reality is, homebuyers have been enjoying abnormally low mortgage rates since right after the real estate crash, and especially the COVID driven low rates the past few years.
We all get it, it stinks, but this graph will shed some light on how those low rates were on … (2 comments)

interest rates: Real estate is changing. What you need to know in 2023. - 01/23/23 11:21 AM
Minneapolis, MN. Real estate is ever changing.  Here are some things home buyers need to know as we enter the spring 2023 buying season.
Cambria Mortgage, the Joe Metzler Team lends in MN, WI, IA, ND, SD. APPLY ONLINE

Equal Housing Lender. NMLS 274132, 322798.  lends in the following states: MN, WI, SD, ND, IA, This is not an offer to lend or to extend credit, nor is this a guaranty of loan approval or commitment to lend. The information here may not be up-to-date and may no longer be accurate. Products and interest rates are subject to change at … (1 comments)

interest rates: 2023 Housing & Mortgage Market Predictions - 12/06/22 09:33 AM
2023 Housing & Mortgage Market PredictionsMinneapolis, MN: Wow, what a ride the past three years have been.  From super low mortgage interest rates, crazy one day way over asking price multiple offers, to 40-year high inflation, highest mortgage rates in decades, and a bludgeoned housing market.
This has left many wondering what 2023 will bring, so here is our annual predictions.
Home Prices:We really don't expect to see any real noticeable drop in home prices, to the disappointment of potential buyers. This may sound confusing, as currently we see many listing with a price reduction.  This has less to do with actual falling … (3 comments)

interest rates: Thinking about buying a home today? - 11/22/22 01:03 PM
Thinking about buying a home today and not liking current mortgage interest rates? Buying a home at today's higher mortgage interest rates is still cheaper in many cases than overpaying during the bidding wars of 2020 and 2021 when there were lower interest rates. Cambria Mortgage, the Joe Metzler Team lends in MN, WI, IA, ND, SD. APPLY ONLINE
Equal Housing Lender. NMLS 274132, 322798.  lends in the following states: MN, WI, SD, ND, IA, This is not an offer to lend or to extend credit, nor is this a guaranty of loan approval or commitment to lend. The information here … (1 comments)

interest rates: Mortgage interest rates. Float or Lock? - 11/14/22 01:22 PM
Mortgage interest rates. Float or Lock? Minneapolis, MN: Under contract to buy a house, or looking to buy a house? In today's interest rate environment, should you lock or float the loans interest rate? What is lock or float, and what is a float down option? Here Joe Metzler, Senior Loan Officer at Cambria Mortgage, with more than 25-years lending experience explains: Cambria Mortgage, the Joe Metzler Team lends in MN, WI, IA, ND, SD. APPLY ONLINE
Equal Housing Lender. NMLS 274132, 322798.  lends in the following states: MN, WI, SD, ND, IA, This is not an offer to lend or … (2 comments)

interest rates: The 2-1 buydown, facts and fiction about this mortgage loan option - 10/25/22 11:43 AM
The 2-1 buydown, facts and fiction. Minneapolis, MN: They say if you live long enough, you see everything come back around, and that is very true for the 2-1 buydown mortgage loan option that has magically reappeared on the market the past few months.
Simply put, a 2-1 buydown is a temporary subset of your standard mortgage agreement, like a 30-year fixed, that provides a 2% lower interest rate the first year of the loan, a 1% lower rate for the second year of the loan, and then the normal note rate for the remainder of the loans term (remaining 28-years).
With mortgage loan … (1 comments)

interest rates: The Current Housing Market - 09/07/22 07:24 AM
Your Housing Market Questions AnsweredIf you have questions about what is happening in the mortgage world right now, you are not alone. Between increased mortgage interest rates, shifting inventory and leveling home prices many consumers have questions about what this all means. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!
Check out our answers to the top three questions we’ve received recently…
How Do Fluctuating Interest Rates Affect Qualification?One of the most important things to be aware of when purchasing a home in this current housing market is how changing interest rates affect your qualification. That’s why having an excellent Mortgage Lender is extremely important. … (3 comments)

interest rates: Buying versus Renting Still Makes Sense - 08/23/22 08:28 AM
Minneapolis, MN: Yes. home prices are rising. Yes, mortgage interest rates are rising.But rental costs are rising too.
So while it’s true that today's home buyers might have to lower their purchase price budgets, they can take comfort in knowing that they’re making a monthly housing payment one way or another. It will benefit them greatly if, in the long run, their housing payments are going to a home they own versus the landlords pocket.
Imagine if you had bought a home just 3-years ago... How much equity you would have earned!Cambria Mortgage, The Joe Metzler Team has been helping home buyer, and … (3 comments)

interest rates: Interest Rate Shopping? Tips On Hidden Tricks - 05/24/22 12:01 PM
Mortgage Rates On The InternetMinneapolis, MN: Buying or refinancing a home is typically the largest financial transaction of your life. Shopping for the best interest rate just makes sense, but as with so many other things, caveat emptor, or latin for "let the buyer beware."
Many lenders post their interest rates on their web sites. Sadly, day in and day out, I must constantly show clients that what they though they were looking at, isn't exactly what they were looking at.
While we show national average interest rates in the USA on our web site, I'm even hesitant to do that because people … (3 comments)

interest rates: Rates rising, but still historically good - 03/28/22 08:57 AM
Minneapolis / St Paul, MN: Mortgage interest rates have always been a roller-coaster ride. Ups and downs, and twists and turns.
With the pandemic induced interest rate lows of 2020 and 2021 now a thing of the past, the return to a more normal interest rate patterns has many people freaked out.
This historical mortgage interest rate chart from March 1971 to March 2022 is very interesting to look at.
Oh course any rise in mortgage interest rates has an impact on a home buyers purchasing power, especially first time home buyers, so people are asking if they should wait to buy a home … (3 comments)

interest rates: Historical Mortgage Rates - 11/09/21 01:20 PM
Historical mortgage rate trendsOver the years, mortgage rates have reached shocking highs, and amazing lows. From the high of 18 percent in the early 1980s, to current rates around 3.00%.  Here is a summary of the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate for the last 10-years:
What rate are you at?Explore our free Mortgage Checkup calculator to see if refinancing makes sense for you. 
If you’re ready to learn more about home financing options, … Our team at Cambria Mortgage is here to help! Connect with one of our trusted Mortgage Loan Officers today by calling (651) 552-3681 or visit We’re here for you!
Cambria Mortgage, the Joe Metzler team … (1 comments)

interest rates: How do no fee mortgages work? Should I get one? - 07/28/21 11:04 AM
Minneapolis, MN: We all know closing costs can be pretty expensive when getting a home mortgage loan.  You may have also seen advertisements for no closing costs, and no lender fee loans, and wondered how it all works. Read more, as I shed the bright light on how lending really works.
Real or a Scam?
Well, low cost, no cost, and no lender fee loans are real, and they are not officially a scam, but they are a very misleading slight of hand type of creative advertising.
You see, all lenders have basically the same closing costs.  Most costs are what is known as … (0 comments)

interest rates: Beware of Quick Refinance Closings - 03/21/21 07:52 AM
Mortgage interest rates are hovering near historic lows. Your phone, email, and mailbox are full of offers from lenders nationwide all promising great rates.
You may have even accidentally responded to some ad promising rates so good, even good couldn’t get them. Only to find out it was really just an aggregate site like Lending Tree who isn’t even an actual lender. Rather, they bait you with awesome rates, then sell your information to multiple real lenders, who all now telemarket you to death.
Refinancing makes sense, so who do you pick?It is well documented that your best deals are usually at your … (1 comments)

interest rates: Spring buying or refinancing is in the air - 02/24/21 08:32 AM
Spring is in the air. Do you know what else is in the air? Talk of low interest rates. If you haven’t caught wind that interest rates are historically low consider yourself an anomaly. Mortgage interest rates have continued to hover near all time lows for quite a long stretch of time, meaning now could be the best time for you to take advantage of them by refinancing your current mortgage or locking in a low rate for your next home purchase. Low interest rates may not last forever so take advantage of the situation while you can!
The Benefits of a Refinance!
If you … (1 comments)

interest rates: 2021 Housing and Interest Rate Forecast - 12/23/20 07:12 AM
What can we say about 2020 that hasn’t already been said on the late night shows, twitter and in every meme on the internet? To say the world is looking forward to 2021 is the ultimate understatement. While 2020 was a solid year in the housing market, the same cannot be said of all industries.
At Cambria Mortgage we feel blessed that we were able to help our clients throughout this year and into the future. Now, on to 2021! Here’s a look at what we anticipate for the coming year:
The Influence of COVID-19
The effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic will … (0 comments)

interest rates: Mortgage rates return to record low for week ending 10/15/2020 - 10/15/20 09:03 AM
Mortgage rates return to record low
The benchmark 30-year fixed rate mortgage averaged 2.81% percent with an average 0.6 points / origination for the week ending October 15, 2020, down from last week when it averaged 2.87%, according to the weekly survey by Freddie Mac.
A year ago at this time, the 30-year FRM averaged 3.69% percent. The 15-year fixed fell to 2.35%.
This means now is a great time to refinance your mortgage.
One place to start is right here at Cambria Mortgage. We make it easy, just visit our Quick Start Review page at
Note these rates are national averages, and your individual … (0 comments)

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