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Just to let you know, The next 40 hour real estate fundamentals class (040) start October 13,th, 2008. Where? Real Estate Training Academy (MI Proprietery School # 285) 4284 E. Court Street Burton, MI 48509 Contact: Joe Paris or Dawn June at (810) 744-2078 Stop in or register on line at REplace-o...
August 31, 2008 I recently received an appraisal assignment asking for the value of a subject property on 5 acres.  The property is on a 45.94 acre parcel and according to the Fannie Mae Handbook for Appraisers printed in 2003 this is an unacceptable assignment condition.  At the end of this blog...
Careers in Real Estate / Classes Start 8/18/08 Real Estate Training Academy / School # 2854284 E. Court Street, Burton MI 48509   Call or email:  Joe Paris(810) 744-2078parisappraisers@aol.comREplace-online.com40 Hour Real Estate Sales FundamentalsThis class is approved by the State of Michigan f...
Determining the decline in values is a difficult task for all those working in the real estate industry today. There are reported statistics and opinions that can vary significantly and make the job of appraisers, real estate agents and lenders difficult.  The general public need as accurate an a...
I haven't used this means of communication like I should and the blog on horse farms shows me how we in the industry can gain valuable insights from people who deal with different types of properties like horse farms. I was thinking about what Pam Dent from Albenmarke, VA said regarding appraisin...
Looking for comments on problems when appraising horse farms.   Here is an addendum I just wrote for a horse farm I am appraising.  Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.  Comments regarding location, land values and market factors for horse farms: The subject is located in an area popular to ...
I just sent the following to a management company in rsponse to a FYI from them that I took exception to. I may not receive a reply from them because the FYI said "do not respond".  I may be considered a problem child with an attitiude and never get work from them either but; oh well! These are ...
Money Magazene has listed appraising as the No. 8 career.  The average salary in the magazene is $66,000 with a 10 year growth of 23% and 4,500 anual job opennings.  The high rating must be for established appraisers who have gone through the initial stages of training, licensing and securing a c...
The talk show went off well yesterday.  That wasn't my first time on the air but it was a little awkward.  I was an air traffic controller for four years in the air force so I didn't have mike freight and I was used to a head set but not like the ear muff type they have at the radio station.  Leo...
Today will be the first Sunday that RETA is on 1570 AM from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Leon Knott has a weekly 1 hour spot on the "Ask The Expert" series and he has asked RETA to join him.  Leon is known as "The House Man" and has been in real estate over 25 years.  The radio show covers a variety o...

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