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Just when i thought that getting cancer was the lowest point of 2008, it got worse. Last Saturday my mother died. She was 95 years old and as sad as I am about her being gone, I am also gratful for the long and rich life she had that i got to experience. It has been hard to think abour real estat...
I knew that 2008 was going tobe a different year but in January I didn't realize just how much change was coming. I started out an Inman News Real Estate Connect in New York in January representing the MLS Board of Oklahoma City. The day I spent in the blogosphere showed me what Web 2.0 was all a...
If there was a time for an adult to believe in Santa Claus it is right now. The housing industry is like many sectors of the economy in bad shape, ir just may be that housing is a little bit worse. Since 2000 this industry has grown in an our of control fashion with too many under educated Realto...
You know the economy is in even bigger danger when the Fed decides to throw the kitchen sink at the problem. The timing seems good considering that it looks like time has been bought for the Detroit automakers, and the stock market has for the time being acted in a more normal pattern by decreasi...
A few days ago I tried to again make a case for the $14 Billion Dollar interim bailout for Detroit to give them time to restructure. The potential loss of 3 million jobs when 2 million has been lost already this year and more coming, is reason enough to for the two parties to come together. The r...
A few days ago I mentioned that a 10% cap rate is possible on Oklahoma homes. If you go into lower price rangesthe rent compresses, and the pool of renters is very large. We currently have over 30 properties that would meet this criteria. I am going yo feature three properties to illustrate the v...
The Republican party have returned to the glory days on Herbert Hoover. Their attitude after busting the budget for the first six years of Bush and the next two years blocking progress, is to all of a sudden become fiscal conservatives. It is especially galling for the Southern Senators like Shel...
I just posted a blog article at www.joepryor.com. As a specialist in real estate investments I wanted to make predictions about what we need to look for next year in a changing market. Check the article for information about where to buy, what financing is going to look like in 2009, which is the...
One category of homes in Edmond Oklahoma that is under served is gated communities of less than 60 homes, and in affordable price ranges. If you want affordable and gated you typically get hundreds of homes, and when you want small, the price is normally above $300,000. This neighborhood, Sonoma ...
Sometimes I have people who ask me what is the cap rate of a residential rental property. Normally that is  the wrong question. A capitalization rate is a way of finding value based on the net operating income. That is income before interest and taxes. It is most often used in commercial real est...

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