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I had one of those calls out of the blue this morning. One of my tennis buddies called to tell me his daughter, who I sold a house to in 2003, was being transferred to another state. He wanted me to contact here this weekend, and find her a Realtor to use to buy a home in two weeks where she will...
Lori has done a wonderful post about the tradition of this special holiday. Please read and realize the importance of the celebration, and the positive attitude that can come in honoring it.New Year's: Traditions, Food & Song, Resolutions NEW YEAR TRADITIONS Traditions of the season include the m...
These are my poodles, Hope on the right and Henri on the left. They were peacefully sleeping when their devious owner(me) decided that it would be a cute picture, and I am sure you agree, all you dog lovers. But just as soon as the flash went off, the pups got up and walked off. I guess I did not...
Charlene and I are getting ready to head to Eureka Springs Arkansas Saturday for a three night stay for working on the implementation of our business plan. I have never been there, and where we are staying is a cabin on a lake two miles outside of town. I recently had my built in GPS updated, so ...
My Sunday morning always starts with Active rain after a few cups of my drug of choice, coffee. I love to comment but my thoughts always turn to writing a blog post. This is a thank you to Christopher Solomon for his article today about a Buyers Negotiation Boot Camp. Let me share some of his pea...
if you are facing financial difficulty you should read this article. It won't subsitute for a knowledgable lawyer to help you, but it should give you the basics about what you might be dealing with.Vacating a Judgment - Attempting to Remove a Judgment Has a creditor or collection agency filed a j...
The bloom is off the rose on the $8000 tax credit with a flurry of activity to close in November, but just when you thought that it was over, it was renewed. It doesn't look like it has caused another uptick in contracts like before, but in 2010 I do believe that some will be rushing to meet the ...
Well we are snowed in in Oklahoma City after a record snowfall of 14 inches yesterday, so my family Christmas gathering has been postponed. So what does being alone at the computer on Christmas Day make me think of? The Law of Substitution. Sinply put, if you are looking at two similar homes that...
I don't have to dream about it, here it is. Along with 4 to 8 inches of snow, we have 60 mile per hour wind gust. The picture was from this morning, but it is a lot worse now. To use a Johnny Carson gag, How cold is it? It is so cold I am thinking about creating a new social network, Active Snow....
I daily search for new bloggers on Active Rain for Oklahoma. Like most states who have a small group of Realtors who blog, a few mortgage bankers, inspectors, and then brokers. I decided to use the drop down menu to search just for brokers and I know I should not have been surprised, but I was. I...

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