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On previous post about real estate investment in Oklahoma City, I have dealt with how to get started, choosing a location, return on investment, property management, and what to do about mortgages. Today the topic is the exit strategy. First it depends upon why you bought the property in the firs...
Oklahoma City real estate investment requires that you pay attention to this cliche. Yes it is what all Realtors are taught, but it needs to be drilled down to fit your investing guidelines and goals. I want to run through possible locations and types you need to be looking for and some of the an...
If Oklahoma City real estate investing is your choice, then it is important to get an estimate of your reutrn on investment. This is different from the retun of investmnet, that is getting you money back it cost you to get in. Return of investment is defined as the percentage you make on your mon...
For years I managed myself the investment homes I owned in Oklahoma City. As a property manager I wasn't good. First I had a hard time getting tough on late payments. I am a sucker for a hard luck story. Second, I don't like to handle the little stuff that renters throw at you, and some are very ...
Back in 2005 if I was writing about buying investment homes in Oklahoma City I would have been talking about the power of leverage. On paper I could have shown you a return on investment analysis that was a greater yeild with 10% down versus 20% down. Howvever the last time i checked it is 2010, ...
Oklahoma City offers real estate investment opportunity in evry area, and every price range. Unlike many overheated areas, Oklahoma was not subject to a huge upswing in pricing beginning in 2001, and was never overstaurated in investment property driving rental prices down. In 2004 I started to g...
Judi Barrett, an oklahoma broker has posted on Active Rain a valuable piece of information to all realtors here who use social networks as well as automated feeds that originate from a blog post. make sure you follow new Commission guidelines to avoid potential finesa and be in compliance with st...
Seth Godin asked that question about a month ago in one of his daily blog post. It was not just for realtors, it was for anyone that markets on the internet. Seth first asked us to define ourselves as what type of personality we have. He is big on being yourself and going after what you like to d...
I just read an article on www.msnbc.com that has confirmed what we are hearing from Oklahoma City homeownersn in distress. If a homeowner applies for the making Home Affordable plan and is not behind on their payments, they could be hit as hard as 100 points. Owners already behind are going to ha...
Yesterday I was on my way to a small town outside of Oklahoma City called Tuttle to pick up our poodles from the groomer, I had to do a detour for road construction and I came upon this for sale sign. Sometimes the law of unintended consequences can actually make you smile. Folks, you can't make ...

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