home repair: Homebuyers in Illinois May Face Weather-Driven Property Risks - 07/25/18 02:07 PM
While experts initially thought 2018 would be a year of low sales due to rising interest rates, the housing market is more competitive than ever, thanks to limited inventory. Homebuyers are being forced to make quick decisions if they want to secure a new home before another buyer comes along with a better offer.
Individuals looking to buy a home in Illinois are sure to have plenty to see from the Shawnee National Forest to beautiful lake shorelines, to plenty of museums showcasing art and artifacts. Before buying a home in Illinois, buyers should consider more than just the neighborhood, taxes and … (0 comments)

home repair: 7 Tips for Contractors - 06/25/18 03:51 PM
Contracting work can be rewarding—but it can also come with a unique set of challenges. The foremost of those challenges: managing expenses. Contracting work means footing your own bill when it comes to business-related expenses, and while tax deductions can be a bonus at the end of the year, they won't necessarily offset costs.
How can someone working on a contract basis save more money and cut expenses without reducing the quality and consistency of their work?
How to Save Money as You Go
Saving money while making a consistent income isn't rocket science. It often comes down to a matter of proper budgeting … (2 comments)

home repair: How To Pay For Emergency Home Repairs - 06/18/18 10:56 AM
For many people across the country, owning a home is part of the American dream. But homeownership is also a major responsibility—including cleaning, maintenance and the financial wherewithal to handle an emergency home repair when the need suddenly springs up.
In 2015, a survey found that 25% of homeowners had no money set aside for emergency home repairs—and of those who did, the majority only had $1,000 or less available. When the sudden need for home repairs—such as fixing a leaky roof before it causes further damage—means that you have no choice but to act, it can be difficult to find the … (0 comments)

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