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How important are schools when it comes to real estate values?  How informed are parents of the schools in your area?  Is education a priority to your community?  In SW Washington, the Camas School District ranks at or near the top in almost every category that are important to parents and studen...
What types of properties are eligible for this amazing loan? WAIT shouldn't we first talk about what the 203k government gift is all about? If you want to buy an owner occupied fixer upper home that is priced at rock bottom, but don't feel you have enough cash lying around to do all the "fixin?" ...
I just read Samantha Davault's post on her love of animals. Her post prompted me to give Roxie, our 3 year old Golden Lab some AR ink.  Roxie is about the happiest, friendliest and all around best dog you can imagine; shes a typical Labrador.  She even shares her bedroom with us!   Its after 9:00...
The terms real estate investing and retirement go hand in glove in today's financial market.  Because of the value correction in many parts of the United States, we know that residential real estate is more affordable now than anytime in the past twenty years.  We also know that interest rates ar...
Had the opportunity to meet Ben Kinney at the Keller William's annual conference in Anaheim last week.  Actually, I sat in on not one, not two, but three of his sessions.  Ben's listing presentation was a WOW, and totally transferable to a commercial listing appointment.  His last sessions was wi...
Sometimes I find myself taken back by the advances in technology in such a short time.  I wonder what and how technology will be used 10 years from now.  Then along comes this blog from Marilyn Boudreaux with a video of how Mary and Joseph might have used Facebook 2000 years ago.  It is definitel...
A couple of days ago I wrote about the value of a commercial property as it relates to the income it generates.  Recall, if a tenant is able to get a $6,000 reduction in the annual lease payment, that can reduce the value of the property by about $75,000.  ($6,000 / 8% cap rate = $75,000)  A cont...
Did you know that Flag Day was elected as the the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777  and was officially established by the Proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson on May 30th, 1916?   While Flag Day was celebrated in many communities for years after Wilson's proclamation, it was not unt...
Do you live in a commuinty that has seen the vacancy rate increase in commercial buildings?  For example, is there a strip center in front of a grocery store that has more empty space in it than two or three years ago?  Or an office building with additional space available?  Or have you heard of ...
Have you ever worked at a place where the boss paid just enough to keep the worker bees from leaving and the employees worked just hard enough to keep from getting fired?  Its been 35 years since I received my college degree and I have come to realize that there are several workplace characterist...

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