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Someone sent these three items to my e-mail the other day and, while they don't have much value, they were fun to read: 1. In George Washington's days, there were no cameras. One's image was either sculpted or painted. Some paintings of George Washington showed him standing behind a desk with one...
In July 2008 we listed a beautiful home on one of our salt water canals for a little over $700,000. It sat on a tip lot at the convergence of four canals, had 2,600 plus feet of living space, a heated pool and a spectacular view. It sold in a cash transaction 119 days later for $660,000. The new ...
I want to share a home showing experience that we had a while ago that stands out as one of the great seller showing failures. It's comical but illustrates some things not to do as a seller. We were new to the area and had buyers that were looking for a home on a fresh water canal. We dutifully r...
Here's an article we put in one of our recent newsletters that we thought would be interesting and helpful to lots of people selling their home today: Wondering why your home hasn't sold yet?  Is it due to bad marketing or the economic crisis?  Probably not.  According to experts, the real reason...
We are constantly in front of people wanting us to sell their home but list it at a higher price than the market dictates.  The logic, which isn't bad on the surface, is that a high list price will enable buyers to make lower offers and negotiation brings an acceptable sale price to the seller.  ...
 Our county real estate multi-list service is overflowing with cut-to-the-bone short sale and foreclosure listings.  In between these listings you can find a limited number of luxury properties that seem pretty out of place with the rest of the offerings.  There is a place, however, that you can ...

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