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Saying No is not always easy.  We know that if it is illegal, immoral or will hurt someone, we will say no.  There are other times that it is not so clear. I recently attended a meeting where Richard Flint was a featured speaker.  Mr. Flint is a highly regarded motivational speaker.  I bought his...
With market conditions being what they are, sometimes it is hard to hold your head up, maintain your beliefs and be proud of what you are doing.  When doing this becomes difficult, it is important to step back and decide how important a sale is. Recently, we had a customer who was demanding every...
If you are planning on buying a home in 2011, or any year for that matter, preparation is the key to getting the best deal when shopping for that new home.  Here are some tips to help the potential homebuyer get started:             Define Needs vs Wants:   Make a list of your needs versus wants ...
We have tried to get excited about doing open houses for our listings but seem to always end up disappointed with the results.  Our Sellers tend to expect us to do them for their homes but we are finding ourselves more and more explaining that open houses just don't do what they are supposed to. ...
Being a Realtor in today's market is not easy.  Whether it is dealing with the buyer who wants something for nothing or the seller who thinks his home should be listed at 2005 prices, the real estate profession is hard work and often frustrating.  However, sometimes something special happens that...
I like to get in the car and make personal sales cold calls on perspective new listings.  Many of my fellow Realtors think I'm crazy for liking this sales tool, but I've been pretty successful with it and highly recommend it for more listings. Getting face to face with a potential new listing cus...

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